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  1. so i have many test tiles, never had an issue with chipping/shivering. it seems only specific pieces are effected by this. i went back to check a number of lips on mugs and bowls and its either they are completely fine or will chip off when tapped against another.
  2. thanks all but i do not use underglazes. Ive been using mayco foundation glazes and it is always the black that chips. i have had more then 1 container of black and also had 2 different lots of white clay. I talked to my ceramic supplier they told me to gloss fire at 05 instead of 06. I then talked to Mayco directly they told me never to do 05 instead of 06 for the gloss fire. Then also stated that standard 105 clay is a recommended clay for their brand. Im pretty overwhelmed. Sorta just getting the run around. Really wondering if i just need to do a overall thicker ap
  3. where i order clay from suggested to gloss fire to cone 05 instead of 06 but would this really solve the issue? also wondering if it could be an application error on my part. however looking into switching clay all together to find one that fits these glazes best thanks!
  4. Hi! I'm wondering what 04 clay is most compatible with Mayco brand glazes cone 06. I was using a white clay but experiencing shivering.
  5. I use a white clay that specifically noted works well with commercial glazes. Is there clay suggest to work with these commercial mayco glazes I have invested so much into these glazes it would be better to switch clay at this point.
  6. Mugs always sell best for me. I'm more of a sculptor but people always will request mugs from me. I definitely think people lean towards functional things they can use every day
  7. Chipping after firing. Sometimes right after when bummed with another ceramic peice. Mayco brand glaze
  8. Chipped when bummed, but not all that hard. All chips are usually small and happen just when handling them.
  9. Hi, I've been using mainly 06 mayco glazes and noticed the rim's on mugs chipping rather easily. I apply 3 coats of glaze to 04 bisque and not sure why I'm having this issue. Chipped off pieces are often very small. I dont think it's from the surface being too smooth for glaze to attach... Please let me know what possible issues thanks so much !
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