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  1. I am new first post so I hope I am in the right place. So my mom had a shop for over 25 years she did ceramics and porcelain. She was a master and did wonderful work. She did a lot of lusters and fine metals. She has become blind and I am tasked with Selling her things. I found a Box with 45 bottles of HANOVIA lusters and gold nost unopened in over 15 different colors including white gold mother of pearl gold essence halo gold.... I did some research and came up with very little I got the history of the company was unable to find when it closed other than a forum post from 2007 mentioning these were no longer available and only about 3 on the web for sale. my understanding is this was the artists choice at the time. So these are over 10 years old always stored in the house. My question is are these still usable or valuable. I have nothing to compare to I was hoping to find something to value them or someone who wants them or a correct forum where I could find more information. Here is the list thank you for your consideration. HANOVIA 1/2OZ MOTHER OF PEARL 7 OPAL 2 GOLD ESSENSE 2 HALO ROSE RED 1 HALO GOLD 6 LUSTER WHITE 3 HALO LUSTER TOPAZ 1 SLATE GREY 1 2 GMS MICRO PT (CANT READ) 1 BRIGHT PLATINUM #05 7 BRONZE #16 1? COPPER 3696 3 BRIGHT GOLD #N 2 1/4 OZ BLUE 1 IRRIDECENT LIGHT BLUE 1 TOURQUOISE BLUE 1 GREEN 3 LUSTER GREEN 1 LUSTER BROWN 3
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