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Found 3 results

  1. I got an Olympic propane gas kiln set up for reduction work and it's been an absolutely wild ride, but so far the one thing I havent been able to nail are proper reduced nitrate lusters. Once thing I've been toying with; it has 3 burners coming up through the floor with a considerable amount of space around each, so I'm guessing that's contributing to why I cant replicate the classic sawdust / raku bath effects I'm looking for. I would like to see if I can get there without the reduction bucket because the clay bodies I'm using generally cant deal with the thermal shock. Anyway I'm thinking about taking slices of thermal blanket and essentially stuffing it into those gaps around the burners. My concern is that doing so will obviously impact the ability to feed oxygen to the fuel.. and that seems like a recipe for a catastrophic failure, potentially. Anyone have any thoughts..?
  2. hello i'm sima from iran and i am a beginner i really want to learn about the techniques that are used to make these products. hope you could help me learn more. if you know any resources leet me know
  3. Wow... Every now and then you run across a free book worth passing on. This book may have been pointed out before, but I recently found it. The China Painter Instruction Book on Project Gutenberg is not exactly an China painting entry level instructional, it is a very brief booklet, it is old, but it is loaded with material that remains valid to this day. I loved it and and thought that other China painters, Luster and Gold users may find some benefit in reading it. Here is the link for the laptop version. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/48281/48281-h/48281-h.htm If you search for "The China Painter Instruction Book Project Gutenberg" They have other versions for e readers.
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