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  1. :D Newbie Here! I hope this is allowed. I am wondering if anyone in the business for years can offer any help. A friend of mine broke the top of his vintage elf cookie jar and I want to gift him the hat as a surprise. I found someone online with the exact mold and willing to make it. Although, they aren't able to really help with the glaze. When you expand the photo it almost appears to be a pearlized glaze. Could this be an undercoat? I'm not a ceramic expert, but I looked through charts of glazes to match up and I can't seem to find anything similar. This was probably made in the 1960's or 70's. Can anyone help me?


    1. oldlady


      if only the hat is missing, what difference would it make if the glaze is not the same as the original?  did the original glaze match the aqua collar?   

      does the owner plan to sell this item later and require perfection or is it someone who will love the fact that you went to the trouble to replace the lid because of friendship?

    2. NSchoeneberg


      Thank you for your response. After reading what you wrote you convinced me that it is my perfectionist personality that has me stuck.  And yes, my friend will be over the top that I found the exact hat! Sometimes it takes someone else to make you see the light! I just love these old pieces, they are timeless! 

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