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  1. I can send you pictures of the defects if you have a proper way for me to send it to you
  2. First of all thank you for your concern. I don't know exactly why or which kind of oil used and like you said I purpose for industrial production. I learned this recipe from people whom doin this job but they don't give exact details so I used different ratios of oil and water. The last recipe I wrote is close being better. What givrs nuisance for me is nothing than when I put the clay into mold and press the button to shape it its okay. But when the process completed and I saw the product it has defects like cracks on the surface its not smooth. But it should be like that. Also I doubt about
  3. For 25 kg dry content ım using 4 litres water and 2 litres oil. If you have e mail I can send you some pictures of it and I mix the content for an hour
  4. ı have a simple press and a mold for porcelain handle. Unfortunately, the clay which ı prepared doesnt work well . when ı put the clay into mold and press it the last product comes with little fractures. To prepare the clay ım using oil for it and using a mixing machine. ı need an appropriate recipe for clay. if you have other ideas to make it better please enligthen me .
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