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  1. Thanks for the replies,I am using a buff stoneware clay and always use stoneware glaze ,with great results,during lockdown I decided to buy some brush on glaze ,to try the bright glaze colours and was told the clay I was using could be used for both stoneware and earthenware glaze,so i bisque fired to 950 degrees as usual,then used brush on glaze firing temp on bottle said 1020-1080 so I glazed to 1070,but when I emptied the kiln, colours were fine but the pinging started (mixture of mugs ,bowls and oil burners )when I checked bag of clay the temperature range was 1120-1280,which was fine when
  2. Any idea if it's possible to fire a earthenware glaze higher then suggested 1080,I'm using a stoneware school clay,and glazed it to 1080 with brush on glaze ,everything is pinging, as I didn't realise the clay starts to mature from 1120-1280 can I save my work by refiring up to the extra 40degrees or should I just rethink my clay choice
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