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  1. No.1 Pottery Plaster vs Plaster of Paris for wedging boards

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    2. shawnkielty


      Apparently it's not interesting to try to answer your question.  For a wedging table I might choose the Pottery Plaster No. 1 (Although, if you leave it out in the rain, that doesn't go so well.) , for smaller "Boards" I might choose Hydracal or Hydrastone. 

    3. Min


      @shawnkielty, the question from @GaylieGirl is an interesting one however this Status Updates Section isn't the best place to post it. As only 5 posts show up in this section they can be bumped off before they are answered, this can easily happen if there are a number of status updates all at once. Forum sections, such as the Studio Operations and Making Work section can be  searched and scrolled through all posts easily therefore it's the better area for posting questions such as this.

    4. neilestrick


      Yes, status updates are just for letting people know what you're doing. If you want answers to questions you should post them in the discussion topics.

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