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  1. I have one of these and it works well. It's a Cone 6 kiln. For the bisque fire I put the ware in and candle it a few hours or over night by turning on the bottom switch only and propping the lid open an inch or two. then I gradually bring the temp up till it turns a cherry red. Then run to the flag until the cone melts. For a glaze firing, at that point I switch two elements off for one hour and then shut it down
  2. This: 20 lbs. microcrystalline wax 1ΒΌ gal. #10 weight oil 7 lbs. plain automotive grease 50 lbs. gritless dry clay powder (Such as Kentucky ball clay, or Gordon clay) Works fine. I have done this in a 30 gallon drum over a burner. Once complete pour out onto wet concrete. There are three versions of microcrystalline wax. "Victory Brown," "Amber," and I belive there's a food grade version. In my early life we used "Bandy Black," a coarse grained ball clay. The dark color of the combination of the victory brown and bandy black was a pleasing color for me. mobility of the clay can be changed by warming the room.
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