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  1. Close up of the lower end of the shaft by the flywheel
  2. To anyone that can help! I’ve been trying to repair and OLD second hand Lockerbie kick wheel that I’ve had for awhile now. Initially I thought it just needed grease because I started to hear a high pitched scratchy/squeaky sound a few months ago, but even after greasing the bearings, the wheel was still making the same sound and slowing down significantly after kicking the wheel. I could feel the difference and it became difficult to throw on the wheel. I’ve used a kick wheel in the past and none have ever slowed down to the extent of the wheel I have at home, so I knew something was off. After consulting with several experts from laguna and axner, it was decided that my wheel needed new bearings. I ordered the bearings to replace the old ones however it took quite a bit of time to be delivered due to factories being closed down, however I finally got the parts in. Of course now with the parts, I needed to take apart the wheel but this is where I got stuck. I’ve realized that the wheel I have does not allow for the wheelhead to detach separately from the shaft and therefore I can’t seem to get to the bearings. I’ve gotten some vague instructions from some people at laguna, but because of the quarantine, they’re unable to get back to me when I asked for further instruction. So far I’ve managed to remove all the bolts holding the upper bearing in place and even removed the hex bolt by the flywheel to remove the shaft, but I can’t seem to get the shaft off of the flywheel to remove the upper bearing and ultimately move the flywheel to get to the bottom bearing either. If anyone out there can help me out that’d be much appreciated! I’d love to get back to throwing ASAP! (: thanks in advance!
  3. @ClaireB did you happen to figure out how to remove the shaft and fix the bearings? I’ve run into the same problem and can’t seem to find anywhere how to get the shaft out of the way.
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