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Found 4 results

  1. To anyone that can help! I’ve been trying to repair and OLD second hand Lockerbie kick wheel that I’ve had for awhile now. Initially I thought it just needed grease because I started to hear a high pitched scratchy/squeaky sound a few months ago, but even after greasing the bearings, the wheel was still making the same sound and slowing down significantly after kicking the wheel. I could feel the difference and it became difficult to throw on the wheel. I’ve used a kick wheel in the past and none have ever slowed down to the extent of the wheel I have at home, so I knew something was off
  2. I have an Axner electric wheel. It's 15 years old, but I've only really used it in the last 2 months. It began making a whirring noise today. Followed troubleshooting guide that came with model and discerned that when wheel is on and in neutral, if I turn it by hand there is no noise. Troubleshooting guide suggests greasing bearings but provides no guidance on how to do this. Can anyone point me to a video or instructions?
  3. I have bought an old kickwheel, and am trying to get it working properly. It has a bit of a wobble, which I think is a bearing problem - here's a video of the shaft. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sz43wdw6yqoke58/20200927_175304_1 (1).mp4?dl=0 I can't get at the bearings to check/replace them. Here's a picture of the underneath. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vaniyvhc8kx98t6/20200927_175907.jpg?dl=0. I can remove the nuts on the bolts, but can't get at the bearings from underneath. I don't know the make or model I'm afraid. Here's a pic that might help identify it. https://www.drop
  4. My family all pitched in and bought me a Clay Boss wheel for my birthday about a month ago, and it's never quite felt right. It's incredibly difficult to center on. I've used different bats - hydrobat, universal bat system - and it still poses problems. I've completely leveled the wheel head, but the wheel table still isn't level. When its rotating, I can hear a low womp womp womp sound and feel a surge or wobble. I've also already tried the clay ball with the needle tool trick and the needle tool appeared to be rotating fine. The company isn't being a huge help in finding out whats wrong wit
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