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  1. Has anyone tried it? I searched online and didn't find anything. I have a ^6 celadon glaze I want to use on ^05 bisque.
  2. I was given boxes of commercial manufactured ready to paint bisque pieces. I teach middle school art and want to use this bisque in class, but how do I determine what cone I need to fire to? What will happen if its ^05 and I fire it to ^6?
  3. Its casting slip, but I've been adding all the fails back to the bucket. My drill was dead so I tried just using a whisk but still lumpy.
  4. Am I supposed to dump the slip? I never have extra to dump. Is the casting supposed to come out with negative space between the walls of the bowl?
  5. I'm relatively new to slip casting, but I just cannot figure out how to use 2 piece bowl molds. Each time I try, it either comes apart in two pieces or dries completely and shatters in the mold. I pour the mold, trim the spare when the shine is gone, and flip the mold over. What am I doing wrong?
  6. I'm new to this forum, and have a Skutt 181 kiln as well. Does anyone know if you can upgrade the manual controls to digital? And if so, is there an option other than the Skutt KilnMaster? My husband is an IT professional, so he's convinced there's a way to do it. Any suggestions?
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