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  1. Dear Benzine,


    you seem extremely wise on all things ceramic. I really need some help. I am based in England and have an electric pottery craft kiln with a Stafford controller. I use st Patrick’s stoneware clay and make big urns. I bisque fire and then glaze fire. The man that delivered the kiln programmes it for me for these two firings. I am totally maths dyslexic and need a very simple and idiot proof schedule of firing for decals and one for gold and silver lustre.  Can you help me?  I would be so grateful. I am in the final year of my ceramics degree and we have external examiners coming in to mark our final hand ins on Monday and Tuesday. I have always fired stuff at college via the techs so am completely confused about deciding on ramps, soaks, temperature etc. I am sorry to bother you but you seem so knowledgeable. Thank you, Boo

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