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  1.  have my monstrous stack of glaze samples ready. Have to do one more busque. It finally cooled down today. So I can hopefully take the plastic off and get everything dried out. 

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    2. MFP


      Thank you....they sure look weird.....and you have to break them apart. 

      Yes....I have noticed that that little kiln wants to take off. I put it on low for about two hours, then close the top for about another hour, then go up to 2.5 for about two hours, then to 4.5. then to 6. and then high. It has been taking about 8 hours to do a bisque.. Usually it is only on high for about an hour before it turns off. I am thinking I will stretch out the time it is on 6 for the cone 6 fire or add another stop at 8. 

      I have been hearing Neil about being kind to your elements.....I don't know if these are the original elements. This is a 20 year old kiln that has never been fire beyond 04.  I also have six different clay bodies in there and 18 different glazes.  I put an extra coat of kiln wash on the shelves holding the tiles.  I have been to this glaze test rodeo before! 

      I used one of those black glaze pencils to code everything....I have a notebook that numbers the glaze and clay body it is on.  I had also coded the clays when they were wet. 

      I used larger pieces to test those materials. I did 1, 3 and 5 in the LOI ignition bowls.  I did Peter's glaze for 1, 3, 5 in the inside of little cups. I figured a tile would not show up the whole glaze effect as well as being on a piece. Maybe we can finally figure it out. 

    3. Min


      "....they sure look weird.....and you have to break them apart" plus, the vermiculite packing they used to come in is long gone. 

    4. MFP


      I got some of those new fangled stand alone cones to place on the shelves to see just exactly what temp things are at the end. I still have boxes of the ones in vermiculite! They are  010,  5. 9. 10.

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