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  1. I have a J230 L&L Econo kiln that I'm learning was installed as a J23. A J23 is what we put the power line in for. We went off of the main face plate of the kiln not realizing there was an additional face plate on the third added section. So thinking this was a 30 amp situation, it's now looking like a 45-ish amp situation. There is a 50a breaker on the line that was run, though I have to check to see what gauge wire was used. I've had 40 firings on this kiln in this original power setup. I have it connected to an external Jen Ken 50a kiln controller. I have just changed the elements in this kiln for the first time ever, and am now concerned that if I try to run the kiln I'll be doing damage to the panel or that it might trip the breaker. Any thoughts on this? Can I swap out the breaker for a 60a if I learn that there is in fact 6 gauge wire run for this kiln? The kiln is no more than 20 ft from the breaker for what that is worth. Another hypothetical question - Could I possibly remove the middle kiln section making this a J23 again? Would that just entail removing and unplugging it? Not that I necessarily want to do this, but I want to have a grasp on what's possible with this kiln, and in this current situation. Thank you for any insight!
  2. Something so important should be included on the packaging in my opinion! Lol. What temp/schedule do you suggest for an initial firing?
  3. Is it necessary to 'season' new elements when they're first installed? Rather than just jumping straight in to firing work? I've seen some information about this, but can't find anything definitive. What is the advantage to running an empty firing? Is it possible to skip this step? Thank you!
  4. No that’s all my doing lol. Took a bit of drilling before I even realized the metal bit was there!
  5. Neil, I updated this post with some photos of the element holder after drilling some more and getting the metal bit out. Does the element holder look okay to use? Or should I drill out more? Thank you!
  6. The small shiny bit was in fact magnetic! I updated this post with some photos of the element holder after removal. Not sure if everyone gets notified of the post updates?
  7. I'm not sure what it is, but after reading the responses here I'm thinking there's a good chance that it's a bit of melted something! I'll continue drilling tomorrow, hopefully can get it all out.
  8. Thanks Neil! It's hard to believe anything could look like this just from melting together, but who knows how long it's been in there. I'll try to drill it away. Is there any chance I could drill too far in? Hopefully it doesn't go to deep.
  9. This makes a lot of sense! It just looks so metallic that I thought it must be metal.
  10. I don’t have any kiln cement, but can try my best to drill it back into the holder wall. If it isn’t sticking out anymore, is it safe to fire the kiln that way? I don’t mind risking it and possibly losing an element, I just want to make sure to be safe. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks Mark. So if it is recessed (if I’m able to drill it) and not touching the element, would this be okay? Worst case scenario, would this just burn out that single element?
  12. Thanks Bill! It’s on the opposite side of the kiln from the control box, and I don’t see any screws on the outside/metal housing. Could there be a screw underneath that? Do I need to investigate under the metal?
  13. Hello, The other day I had an under firing, and eventually noticed gunk on one of my elements. I removed the element, and underneath in the l&l element holder found some black burn marks/gunk that I then took a dremel to. I was told this was the right way to do it, since I don't want the black gunk contaminating the new element. I do not have a new element holder on hand. While doing this, I noticed at one point that the dremel felt different and that I had drilled into a small piece of metal. It almost seems like the end of a... thick-ish pin? I stopped what I was doing. What could this metal piece be? To my knowledge the element holders do not have any metal parts. I'll try to get a photo of it and post here. Thanks for any insight! 12/20/20 Update! I've gone back at/next to this metal bit with a dremel, and just a minute into drilling it popped out. It's a tiny round 2-ish mm piece of something that does in fact stick to a magnet. Upon vaccuuming the area out, I now see almost a tiny cavern in the element holder below the general spot where the element was burned out. Any thoughts on this? Is it safe to put the new element in, or should I drill more out? What could have caused the burnt out cavern in the element holder? Any insight is so appreciated!
  14. Bill, thanks for this! I actually had a spare thermo couple and ceramic plate, so I’m going to try swapping it all out and give it another go. Maybe this time with a lighter pottery load. It is also worth noting that this kiln is not vented. I usually leave the top peep out until about 1000° on every firing. It is an old set up, so I always had the idea that I would get something new one day, and never invested vented in a vent system. Would this be causing issues so soon after my last tc change? Which was just 13 firings ago. Thanks again!
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