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  1. Thanks Hulk! I have an electrician coming again tomorrow so I will definitely ask that. We have a breaker for a gas dryer that we don't use, so I'm hoping he can use that. Fingers crossed!
  2. Thank you both. I guess I don't know what to do now. I don't have any other spaces available in my box, so adding a 30 amp isn't possible without a new subpanel $$$$. My other kiln takes a 50 amp. Bummed... I saw the amperage on the front panel and thought we were good. Lesson learned the hard way.
  3. I have purchased a used Gare/Evenheat 1813 model kiln and am hoping that someone can provide some assistance with replacing the plug. The electrician came out today and couldn’t figure out how to get into the electrical box. Are we able to just remove the red control box on the front (Kiln Sitter)? We also had a question as to what the proper amperage is. The plate on the kiln says 240/18 but the kiln sitter shows 240 VAC – 50 AMPS. The Gare plate reads as follows: Model 1813, Serial No 4.8.83, Hertz 60, volts 240, watts 4320, amperes 18, and phase is si
  4. Yikes! Yes, they offer 3" but I bought the 2.5" since that is what was in my Vulcan and the heat radiation was minimal. This one puts off enough heat that I don't think I'll be able to work on the days I fire!. LOL Thanks for the info!
  5. I have just purchased a new L&L kiln E-18t with the quad coils (3.9 cf) My old kiln was a vulcan with a kiln sitter and switches (3.2 cf) The new unit heats up my entire garage verses very little heat radiation of my old one when used at the same settings. Is it normal for these kilns to radiate this much heat externally?
  6. Although the L&L manual addresses the setting for the first firing, the instructions are placed in with the instructions for the dynatrol intergace which I didn't purchase. (Hence my caution to fire differently) I have made a suggestion to L&L to pull these out to not be under a specific controller but standalone "first firing instructions"
  7. Sorry for the 2nd post. They say to place furniture in the kiln for the initial firing as well. Do I need to put all of the furniture that came in the kit through this initial firing for oxidation as well or do I just need to fill it up with a reasonable amount?
  8. Hi, I just received my new e18t L&L kiln and had them upgrade the controller to a gemesis touch screen. The literature for the dynacontrol controller (stock controller) states that the initial test firing is a slow bisque at cone 5 (not 05) and should last 12-16 hours. The Genesis instructions say use a fast glaze 04 for 4 hours unless mfg says differently. Mfg can't seem to answer my question. How do I program the Genysis controller for this initial firing and which firing setting should I use? Genysis settings or dynacontrol? They say you must do this empty t
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