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  1. Do you mean if I fired at cone 10 reduction then it wouldn't be toxic as functional ware?
  2. Thank you everyone really appreciated. Soak time and slower cooling might be it. For 3rd tile I'm thinking ash or feldspar need to be reduced to get that grey color?
  3. Thank you. Seems soak and slow cool is the issue. 3rd one is 20 wood ash, 60 feldspar 20 local clay, i have not been able to get constant result of grey surface fired on test kiln and large kiln. I think I may need to reduce the amount of feldspar?
  4. Hi, I have a test kiln about 20*20*20 CM and a bigger kiln about 75*75*60. I use the same firing and cooling schedule on both but sometime on certain glaze I keep getting different result on test kiln. These glaze are ash clay felspar mixed glaze fired in electric kiln both test kiln and the other bigger kiln. Here some photos, the left test tile is fired by test kiln. I'm guessing firing too hot too fast? Or not enough gap for air? Please really need help to get this right Here is my firing schedule. 450° C 3hr @150° C / hr 1050° C 6hr @ 100° C /hr 1200° C 2hr @ 75° C / hr 1280° C 80 mins @ 60° / hr Cooling schedule 1200° C 30 mins 1050° C 30 mins 800°C 1hr your advices are much appreciated, Many thanks
  5. Hi, I recently come across with flambe Jeff's red, it contains 4.4 barium. I've heard barium and copper may cause some toxicity issue for functional ware. Can anyone confirm and how much of barium is safe? Is Jeff's red not recommended for functional ware? Custer feldspar 41.9 Whiting 8.4 Silica 26.2 Gerstley borate 8.7 Dolomite 8.7 Barium carbonate 4.4 Zinc oxide 1.7 Tin 2.6 Copper carbonate 0.5 Bentonite 1 Thanks
  6. Hi, I plan to brush iron oxide as under clear glaze or over white glaze. How much amount of water do I mix them with and do I need to add slip with it? I'm totally new at this, how exactly do I mix it Thanks in advance
  7. Thank you guys so much, that's a lots of info. I will try the tap method and get some alumina hydrate for future teapot.
  8. Hi I have stuck lid issue too and would like to try Alumina. Can anyone help and tell me where to buy them?
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