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  1. Yes Babs there is a regulator on the pressure gauge which will effectively control both burners, I have a chart which relates psi to btu for these particular burners.
  2. Thank you that is very useful information. My first burn certainly showed that it really does need holding back, went off like a rocket.
  3. From the T a line goes to each burner, there is no pilot on the burners, the shutoff is a thermocouple, the knob controls the gas flow through the burner ie crack it open it candles, whack it right open it roars. I was just wondering whether best to control the flame from the burner knob or the regulator/pressure gauge, as I can do both I will see which works best.
  4. Yes I think I'll try that next time and see how that goes, thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks for coming back, here's a couple of pictures, I am controlling the flame using the regulator knob on the burners, the yellow is an on/off valve. Just wondered if the way to go was open both burners full and control the flame by adjusting the pressure gauge regulator, probably doesn't make much difference I guess, just that way both burners would be getting equal gas whereas adjusting each burner individually it's more guess work.
  6. I have just built a two burner gas kiln and just fired it up for a test run this morning, my question is that I have several methods of controlling the gas flow to the burners, each burner has a control valve, the propane cylinder has a valve that to a certain extent can be controlled and the pressure gauge also has a valve to adjust the psi. At the moment I have the cylinder opened all the way, the pressure gauge set to 3 psi and have been controlling the burners by their own control valves, is this the best way to do it?? Many thanks
  7. I'm in the UK and also going to build a square kiln but with two burners, have you seen the "power kiln" design in Andrew Holdens book the Self Reliant Potter? This is what I'm intending to build, posted a picture on my earlier thread, may be the kind of design you are looking for.
  8. Interesting thought! thank you. No idea how long this project will take, given the amount of agonising over how to build the box, I think once I start thinking about the burners my brain may explode!
  9. I'm also wondering whether I would be better to use ceramic fibre board in place of the blanket/calcium silicate, kill two birds with one stone, I guess it wouldn't take too much knocking about but I'm not planning to be kicking the kiln (not often anyway), this what I'm going to build.
  10. I think it's probably best if I just stick my hand in my pocket for some calcium silicate boards, more expensive but I think I have found some locally, it won't be exposed to the weather as will be indoors, and hopefully not exposed to high temperatures as it will be behind hti brick and fibre blanket. Thank you for all your helpful responses.
  11. As an aside, I note your comments about fibre, a lot of these products are now being marketed as "body soluble", should we take that with a pinch of salt? (and the proper ppe)
  12. Hi Neil, thank you for your quick response, yes it is just being used a s a protective outer skin if you like, the whole plot sitting in a frame of welded angle, regards, Daryl
  13. Hello all, planning to make a gas kiln using the plans in Andrew Holdens book The Self Reliant Potter. The design calls for floor and walls of insulated fire brick, backed up with ceramic fibre blanket and then calcium silicate board on the outside, my question can I use hardie cement backer board in place of the calcium silicate board, main reason is hardie backer is cheap and readily available and calcium silicate board is not, the book was written some time ago so there may be more suitable modern substitutes I'm not aware of (in the UK). Grateful for any pointers, many thanks.
  14. Just an update on this, curiosity got the better of me and I have the head removed. Old school technology, played the blowlamp on it till it was well heated, couple of taps with a rubber mallet and a jiggle and off she came. Prior to that felt for all the world like it was welded on there.
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