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  1. Yup way too much clay! Even when handbuilding it would make the cups two heavy to drink from.
  2. Actually i don't because the assigned student does unloading after class. I think i should mention the problem I'm having with professor. I will ask about the cooling process. Thanks for your help.
  3. I work in the studio at my former college and have had 4 large hand built bowls come out of the bisque with large cracks in the bottom side of all 4. Since I've not had that many problems befor in the 5 years of working in this studio I'm thinking the problem could be either this semesters clay or the student not firing the pots correctly. My question is why hasn't this new professor done anything about the issue and I'm very conflicted weather to ask her or maybe offer to assist in the firing. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I'm planing on doing a hours sculpture from porcelain but very concerned about building without an some scort of internal armature. Any suggestions? Would this even be possible without using a mold? Thanks
  5. I have a porcelain piece that has some white stoneware clay that got mixed in to it. What are the chances it will come through the bisque fire in one piece??? Odds????
  6. If the crack is a hairline about 1/4Inch long what are the chances of painting glaze in the crack and letting it dry then do the glazeing would help to fix the crack?
  7. I like to do both and do a lot of building on the wheel which incorporates both. I do understand Yappy's point about the artistic idea about handbuilding versus wheel but i believe both are using artistic abilities. As someone who loves sculpture both ways of expression can be incorporated in wheel and handbuilding.
  8. So do you fire paperclay at low temp? What would that be? Also can you use regular glaze or something especially made for paper clay.
  9. I've never used paper clay and wonder if it would be something to try on my latest project (horse) apout 2f tall. I know it's going to be really challenging to try it in clay. If not maybe I'll just do a sculpture and forget the clay for it. Any ideas about feasibility?
  10. Sometimes especially with plastic bats its because of the bats being warped. I always throw on the bare wheel because i just don't trust any older or well used bats.
  11. Yes Hulk having softer clay really makes a diffrence! When i was trowing for the first time i had a difficult time and couldn't get my clay centered until i started using porcelain. I think it was the softness and smoothness which made the difference.
  12. I'm doing studio work this semester at the college i received my degree from and it only costs me 120 dollars a semester with unlimited work space in the studio. Since i haven't been able to work on the wheel in 18 years because of working now that I'm retired i need it's almost like starting all over again. The professor is wonderful and just what i needed to refresh my skills that my old brain had put in mothballs for too long. The videos are also very helful check them out.
  13. Nancy have you looked into taking a studio work class at your nearby college? Sometimes they offer classes at a reduced rate to seniors if your audit ing it and not taking it for a grade. Also I've found some great podcasts online that are very helpful especially if you need help in one spicific area of throwing. Good luck and keep practicing that's the key.
  14. I just made my own cleaning tool for tall or intricate pieces. I used a long thin paintbrush handel and attached a piece of scrubie to the brush end. It worked amazingly well since i did it on the spot in the studio this morning. It actually brandished the inside of my pot and was great at getting in small places. Sometimes necessity is key.
  15. I'm having the crack problem on a piece of green ware that I'm too attached to to scrap. I will try the patch soulotions recommend here Thanks all
  16. What about sanding dry green ware? How dangerous is that even if done very rarely??
  17. I'm planing on doing a hours sculpture from porcelain but very concerned about building without an some scort of internal armature. Any suggestions? Would this even be possible without using a mold? Thanks
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