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  1. Yup way too much clay! Even when handbuilding it would make the cups two heavy to drink from.
  2. Actually i don't because the assigned student does unloading after class. I think i should mention the problem I'm having with professor. I will ask about the cooling process. Thanks for your help.
  3. I work in the studio at my former college and have had 4 large hand built bowls come out of the bisque with large cracks in the bottom side of all 4. Since I've not had that many problems befor in the 5 years of working in this studio I'm thinking the problem could be either this semesters clay or the student not firing the pots correctly. My question is why hasn't this new professor done anything about the issue and I'm very conflicted weather to ask her or maybe offer to assist in the firing. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Sometimes especially with plastic bats its because of the bats being warped. I always throw on the bare wheel because i just don't trust any older or well used bats.
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