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  1. @Pres Are these done on the wheel, or are they hand built? If there are wheel, how are you managing to keep such nice texture on them? Are you adding the texture when it's closer to leatherhard?
  2. Our kiln is about 23" wide and about the same depth, maybe a little deeper. We have the kiln manual from the manufacturer. We have to turn a switch on every hour (5 switches), then we let it go until the cones drop, or our cone sitter turns it off.
  3. Thanks! That was super helpful, we had no clue! Is this the same for a bisque firing, or is it just the glaze firings to avoid glaze running? Good plan. We didn't care much about the stuff we made, so this is basically us testing it. We have been keeping diligent notes on everything to make sure we are able to keep track of everything. I had no idea that elements had a shelf life. Luckily our kiln wasn't all that pricey, so if we have to get new elements that won't be too bad. Thank you thank you thank you! Everything has been super helpful. This is so great!
  4. Thanks, Denice. The person we bought it from did plate painting stuff, so she didn't fire as high as we are. I don't know how old it was, but I know she used it lots for a while, but stopped for some time before selling it. She said she would need to do like 20 firings per plate, but again not to the ^6 we are. I think our bottom elements will need to be done, but the rest seem to be good!
  5. I have an Evenheat 5320, 7200 watts. We think our bottom element isn't working well, so we are in the process of getting that looked at/replaced. We used a ^5, 6, and 7. The ^5 completely folded, and the six did too. The 7 didn't really, but it did glaze. This only happened on our top shelf, not the bottom shelf. The bottom shelf didn't really do anything. Our cone sitter works fine, I must have knocked it out when I was moving things around and hadn't noticed. "Welcome to the forum" THANKS! I am so excited to start this journey!
  6. My friend and I recently bought a used kiln and wheel. Our first test with the kiln we messed up and fired our stuff to cone 6 (instead of 06). We hadn't had a lot in the kiln, just a few really small cut-out pieces. It took about 6.5 hours to get close to cone 6, but the large 6 cone didn't fully drop, and the cone 7 didn't really move much, so we weren't totally sure if it was fully done. Moving on to our second fire. We had new things to fire, so we bisque fired our stuff (half full with things stacked) to cone 06 this time. Our cone sitter fell out when we closed it (not sure exactly what happened), so after 6.5 hours, we stopped it. We again weren't 100% sure if things we underfired, overfired, or totally perfect. We tried the "lick" test and it was sticking to our tongue. We decided to glaze it and fire to completion. This time, our kiln was full. We didn't put anything on our bottom level (we were worried out glaze would run and it would ruin the kiln). We put in a cone 7 sitter (to make sure it fired completely to cone 6) and we had our large cones to watch at the top and bottom of our kiln. After almost 11 hours, it still wasn't complete (and it was 1am) so we turned it off and left it. So now I'm left with a million questions. 1) How can I tell if it is completely fired? 2) Can I re-fire the stuff and would I have to fire it from start, another 12+ hours? 3) I've read a million posts talking about different kiln lengths, but I'm wondering how exactly you can tell how long it would take? 4) I think our bottom heat isn't as strong as our tops, so should I be putting thinner stuff at the bottom? Or just get the heaters fixed? 5) If our bisque fire wasn't fully fired, would that make our glaze fire take longer? Thanks so much for any help! Already this website has been a huge help for my friend and I. We basically use this as a pottery bible. UPDATE!! We re-fired our glaze and this time everything went off after 8 hours. The glaze is a little runny, but our main concern is the bottom elements not being the best. We had our thin stuff at the bottom, and it did glaze over, but the cones didn't change at all. The top cones did, though!
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