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    Pottery, cone 6 low fire salmon white and Terra Cota just a beginner.

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  1. Thank you , I will do. Have a great day.bye.
  2. OK that might be the answer .I only go to the ceramics place very seldom and dont have a kiln at home. the face on my profile was done at a school with a spray machine so they never told us about glazes, only about clay ,anyway thanks again for your help. the one face is David Suzuki done about 10 years agp.
  3. OH Thank you ever so much,as I am brand new to glazes my Mayco is called Wonderglaze SC-74 and SC-16 .So these are Under glaze ,that means in Mid range firing Can I place another top glaze over these before firing.I am using the clay called White Salmon which is Mid Range firing. So thank full for any ones help here.
  4. I am using Maco stroke and coat for the shaft of my tall musroom decoration for garden ceramic,Can I join two glaze colors to-gather please.I would like a color change.
  5. I am new and ask ,why does the glaze crack after kiln.

    1. Min


      Hi Faces 777, if you post your question in the Clay and Glaze Chemistry section rather than here in the Status Update section you will likely get more replies. Status Update is more for what you have going on at the moment. 

    2. Faces777


      Oh thank you I shall place my post in there.

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