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  1. Hello Denice and Mark, I am sure that before I begin really looking for a kiln, I would have to have a great deal more experience. I have been watching and reading the forums because it is hotter than Hell outside and I do not do well in heat and humidity. However, having said I was going to give up, I just searched again and a wheel that was way overpriced I think has been re-listed. If it is, here is a picture of the wheel head. I have not seen one look like this. Since I cannot see it in person, I am putting the picture here. Do you think it is pitted like old aluminum pans used to get? It is a brent C and although I do not necessarily want a brent c, at the right price and condition, I know the brents where I take class do work and enough people here love and make a living using their brents. Has anyone seen a wheel head look like this? It looks to me like the bat pins could be "rusted or stuck" in from this photo, but I am not sure. If it is available and he sends me a video, I could go get this this week.
  2. Thank you very much. I thought it had to be very old because I have never seen anything like it before. I got interrupted in my conversations with the man because my sister-in-law died so I went to PA to be with my brother. I think my instincts on these things are growing with each one I try to find. In OH, PA, IL, IN, KY you cannot find a Brent that is less than $700-$800. Then, they are usually 15-20 or more years old. I found one that a man has about 8 hours from me, but he also has an L and L kiln. He only wants to sell it as a group. He has broken the kiln down because he is moving so he cannot show me if it lights up let alone heats. His stuff is 8 years old and he said he bought it new. I am about ready to just give up. I keep throwing a large net and every time I find one and offer less the people refuse my offer and come back at full price, decide to keep it, or sell it in a garage sale because I from out of town. I think I am just going to step back for a while and see what I can do by taking classes and just do what I can do there.
  3. Hi again, I found a person near me who has an old wheel. He only knows it is a robert brent wheel. It has a .5 hp motor. I am going to call Amaco with the serial number tomorrow to see if I can find out how old it really is. In the meantime, does anyone know what wheel this might be? The person does not know anything much about it just that it has been at his house for a long time. Here is a link to a video that shows how it sounds. Old Brent Wheel Video. It is a very dark video, but it is the wheel in the picture. It sounds like some of the wheels at the college where I take classes EXCEPT I think I hear some type of rubbing or banging. I am also not sure that the bat pins are where they belong. They look like they are too close to the edge of the wheel, but I do not use bats nor am I throwing right now. I am mostly hand building so maybe that is where the bat pins are. I always thought they were 10 inches so if this wheel head is 14 inches they look too far out. He said it is a 14inch wheel head, but he also said one wheel is 13 and one wheel is 12. I don't know what he is talking about. In addition, I am not sure when I look at the video that it is spinning true . I just can't see it. I am probably going to drive the hour if he will tell me when I can come see it and see if I can tell in person. He is asking $400 or best offer. I am not sure I would offer 400. I am thinking maybe $250 or $300. The whining at high speeds is familiar to me, but some of the other noises I don't know about. If you can hear things that are a problem, how difficult would they be to have repaired and how much money might I need to do it properly? Thank you, Carole .
  4. Do I understand correctly that all creative industries wheels are no longer supported at all--meaning that parts (belts etc. ) for them cannot be found? Would this mean you would have a wheel you could no longer repair or make work at optimal speeds?
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