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  1. Helloooooooo. Yep, I was thinking in a way to show the ceramic beads -necklaces, etc- with vases made with same materials, something like "what it makes a vase, makes also beads..." I put their pics at my blog testing the waters and before I could tell folks the "idea" people was asking for reserving them to purchase. -Yayyyyyyyyy, anyway is not 'my thing" with clay but I found it so fascinating that just started shaping different things and playing... most of them sold even before I could use them for pics!, more Yayyyyyyyy- Jewelry: Hey, If you feel that is not "your thing" you can also make some extra $$$ selling Beads. Weird, unusual, ooak, all that sells well into the beader's and designers world! You can give it a try in places like Etsy or even Amazon handmade... and with that $$$ buy more clay! wink wink. I sold some beads too, wink wink. Pics on rocks. That sounds cool!!!! I wish I could... specially a Desert landscape, except if I make a small sand rock garden -that my kittens will probably use a a new modern organic decor LOO "Hey, Look, our human made us a new bathroom! She is cute"- or outside somewhere what it can mean been eaten by mosquitoes as big as hummingbirds, sunburn to lobster red tan, aaaaaaaaaand as I rescue feral and abandoned cats -I have a bed and breakfast for them in my garage, hehehe- and I'm into one of that programs catch/fix/release, an outdoor desert landscape would be like... Oh, yeah, again... "Hey, Look, our human made us a new bathroom! She is cute", Hehehe I need also the chance to take close pics for small objects, -macro???- and also the most important factor is Time. I take pics when I can and creating an indoor studio seemed the best way so I have a special room set with sun like lights, etc. I was thinking in put some organic looking pots, vessels, pods, and th necklaces in a back background... Glad you think they look fine with that color! Hey, you can toss on the table as many ideas as you wish! I'm more than happy to get them and learn things! Experimenting, hehehe, Hum... I'm not sure if I'm a real artist, my best guess is that I never grew up, LOL. I already mixed with the clay body: rice, wet rice, cat food, grass, egg shells, yuca fibers cut small, small dots of copper leftovers of when I make perforations to metal, some clay from my yard... hehehe. I'm thinking in covering things -like copper mesh- with clay... and... well, all that, LOL. If you have any info of what can b done and mixed with cay bodies to add texture and weird effects, I'm all eyes!!! Thanks a lot for the good vibes!!! Same to you!!! Let the soul of mother earth guide your hands creating beauty!!!
  2. Hi!!! I had seen jewelry pieces made with broken china, ceramics, etc. Tumble to soften edges and read to drill or set, ohhhhhh, also some people make mosaic arts and use ceramic shards, places like Etsy have shops that sell that kind of materials and ... well... you can make some extra money to buy more clay with things that are otherwise, just trash.
  3. Hi Old Lady! Sorry answering so late. I had been MIA, -life, etc.- First: Thank You!!! Well, one of th biggest challenging things in what I do is to be able to show the work but not being nor too plain nor too "busy" that the work hides, that is haaard!!! I had been making some simple vessels to add as a background for pictures when the pieces are mostly clay made but still I have tons to learn. The more I think I'm learning, the more I discover how Many Things I still need to learn. Sheshhhhhhhh. (I had been also experimenting with additions in the clay bodies... Rice, cat food -hehehe- natural fibers like yucca -I pounded the yucca and scrapped the fibers myself and preserved them with the crystals to dry flowers, pineapple fibers -it is like a silky fiber- and all sort of different organic things that can burn during the firing leaving their mark in the clay. Thanks again for thinking in some different and cool way to show my work! -Trying to learn!!!-
  4. Thankssssssssss, This are my first babies!!! I can't imagine what I can do when I will know more about all this universe. Thanks also for the link! I will totally check what she does, inspiration is always welcome!!! I wish we would have more ceramic artists creating elements for jewelry... Maybe some day! Or it is considered like "the poor sister" of ceramics arts? -scratching my head- Super good vibes to you too!!!
  5. Hi YappyStudent!!! And here some when had been added pigments -instead of glazed and how they can look in colors, my last necklaces! I'm having soooooo much funnnnnnn!!! OMG this is totally addictive, OldLady was right!!! I can't believeeeeee I'm making my own beads and elements after AGES wasting time surfing and browsing and trying to find the things I was envisioning.
  6. Hi YappyStudent!!! And here is what you asked me, how would be used the beads I wanted to make. This are some simple more classic pieces , I guess overtime when more skilled I can make more complex forms, etc. The colored I used dyes instead of glazes, I have in reds, etc. too. I used a raku that fires nicely to an off white in the cone 1 to 2, higher cones make it darker- and porcelain for the one with the big ring pendant. Just received the paper for the paper clay and will be experimenting during the week -If the time and all that helps. Had jury duty and super messed up my agenda- Have a fantabulous week!!!
  7. Thank You Yappystudent-!!! I'm quite happy with the rustic looks, anyway I see I might need sanding before firing, but I was so anxious to see the whole process that well, they dried and went to the kiln with no second thoughts, hahahaha. I still need to super learn by "working' with the clay and feeling textures, etc. and to buy real tools, I made the beads with some toothpicks, a porcupine quill, a crochet needle and some wooden and copper scrap pieces I found around at the studio. Yeah, I wanted them finished " yesterday". hehehe. Ceramic beads when interesting have a big demand among designers and can be a small extra income for ceramists as "mini works of art" some people really appreciate. I wanted organic looks, I do some in fold forming but wanted beads alike, different, so, decided to make them myself. I don't really want to sell beads but to make my own for what I want to create, anyway I might sell the orphans leftover pieces or the overstock/practice beads.
  8. Hi Denise!!! Ohhhhhh, Paper clay? I Guesssss that must be something I read about while researching about kilns, clay, etc... is that the cellulose sort of fiber that is added to clay? I will totally check that! It seems that could be an answer to the statement style pieces I want to make, like super bold and with an artistic edge, contemporary and or rustic with textures. Is that "strong"? I make some post apocalyptic style and for reenactment, plays etc and I need the things to be strong enough like to be in motion with. I was thinking in making some bones in ceramics for some wild crazy Mad Max style pieces I got a manual kiln to have the chance to be "there" more than with a digital so I sure hope to not to go to a cone 10. UGH and Yessssssss I'm curious and nosy and if the professor doesn't kick me out for asking too much stuff, I will volunteer for that, for reconstituting clay, everything. I want to gt my hands on all the things they will allow me to. I discovered that just from books and videos is like watching a pizza advertisement on TV, hehehehe, you can suspect how it taste, But hey, is not like eating it!!! Thanks for the idea about the paper clay, -running to google and check more about!!!- PS. Edited minutes after.... OHHHH, I found it!!! https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/daily/ceramic-supplies/pottery-clay/make-paper-clay/ Ohhhhhhh yeah!!! Thanks againnnnnnnnnnn
  9. Hi Denise!!! Ohhhhhh, Paper clay? I Guesssss that must be something I read about while researching about kilns, clay, etc... is that the cellulose sort of fiber that is added to clay? I will totally check that! It seems that could be an answer to the statement style pieces I want to make, like super bold and with an artistic edge, contemporary and or rustic with textures. Is that "strong"? I make some post apocalyptic style and for reenactment, plays etc and I need the things to be strong enough like to be in motion with. I was thinking in making some bones in ceramics for some wild crazy Mad Max style pieces I got a manual kiln to have the chance to be "there" more than with a digital so I sure hope to not to go to a cone 10. UGH and Yessssssss I'm curious and nosy and if the professor doesn't kick me out for asking too much stuff, I will volunteer for that, for reconstituting clay, everything. I want to gt my hands on all the things they will allow me to. I discovered that just from books and videos is like watching a pizza advertisement on TV, hehehehe, you can suspect how it taste, But hey, is not like eating it!!! Thanks for the idea about the paper clay, -running to google and check more about!!!-
  10. Hi Yappy!!! Thanks for the compliments!!!! My head is like popcorn on the fire right now with images/fantasies/ideas of all the possibilities this kind of element has and I didn't even tried glazes!!! I saw some Magnificent ones -with recipes and all!!! here in the free books... and I'm super once starts the college class I will be just speechless of how many wonders and mystery this "universe" has. I NEVER expected it, this is so underestimated!!! You have no idea how much my eyes changed since the last couple of weeks every time I see pottery and ceramics, even the most humble piece make me think How much Work and info, knowledge, experimentation is there. Okie dokie, here they go, my first truly ceramic beads, no glaze, just texture, super rustic -last trends- and It has been SO much funnnnnnnn!!! First time I see glow Inside beads -ceramics- with my own eyes, the amazingggggg feeling when they were "fired", solid forever, - well, sort of, hehehe.I used a raku clay and a red clay, all fired to cone 02. I made two batches, first the platter ones and after the what now is stranded like a future necklace. I have to think of "weight", I will have to find a lighter weight porcelain/clay. OMG, This is better than chocolate!!! I'm sooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  11. Back to college!!! As the more I read -buying every book Mr Zakin published- and videos and everything, I realized it is time to go back to college to really Learn about ceramics. So, summer time will be my college class "ceramics 1" and winter hopefully a semester with "ceramics 2" for starters. I suspect as time passes I will be so hooked into this art that will want to learn more and more! While? The "repaired kiln" -had a lose wire and will be back to me today- will be used for small trials and fun... Thank you guys, really!
  12. Hi Clay Lover and Gabby! When I decided to get into the clay world NEVER imagined how complex, how much of a delicate balance all really has. I guess as all "outsiders" I underestimated this art thinking it was way easier and by sure I have "new eyes" for the value of a humble ceramic bead, how much work, time, learning that simple small object has, so you can imagine my total amazement when digging into the internet world for answers about clay and ceramics I found things like the Breathtaking art of Turo Kurokawa, Anne Goldman, Allan Wallwork... I had not idea suck BEAUTY existed. I came to the forum with a simple question about a kiln and digging, reading, watching, step by step I'm in Awe, no kidding, about how much is behind a vase for example and specially the How that was created. My idea was as boundary-less as a lot of what I do, thinking in merging, mixing, oblivious of this almost parallel world. Somehow, I'm Discovering the clay and from my kindergarten level of knowledge had same level of fantasy and as I'm slowly walking thru I'm like awakening. I spend Hours browsing images I had never seen before. I'm starting to understand how much of science is under all of this and how much I need to learn the very very beginning. I need to Learn the clay, textures, how, maybe the mug would not be a bad idea to learn how to respect it as I respect other materials and needed to learn how they are, what they can do. I spent last 4 days Reading, watching images, passing from a Hum... to a WoW to all the steps of amazement. I'm glad I landed in a place where voices with knowledge and common sense can help me to touch ground a little more and instead of start experimenting the voices tell me to Learn before. And, heck, you all are right... and maybe because of this touching ground a little more I will have to chance to understand the clay and to create beautiful things, that just experimentation would not give me. As Tons of people, I had not idea of how REALLY that a vase one like " happened". We just think that is pretty. Now, I'm Starting to understand that is a LOT of work and balance and sheshhhhhhhhh, indeed, Too Much Info to get it "fast and now" I need to sit and think, review what I would like to do and how and then, i any questions, ask.
  13. HolY Moly, I'm not underestimating the knowledge of none of you, guys, it is because I think you already tried it all and probably know more than whatever written thing can put my hands of is why I was thinking in asking "weird" stuff. The "baking dough" was an analogy meaning something like "materials" into the conventional clay, and hey, worry not, I'm trying to read already as much as I can and discovering how complex all is to the point that small details can make a huge difference. It can take me ages to learn enough, But I'm totally willing to. Sorry if you felt bad with my extra enthusiastic curiosity, It was not my intention.
  14. Ohhhhhh, Old Lady, I will totally call back when I'm back home and ask or Arnold!!! Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  15. Hi Guys!!!! I contacted the ClayKing folks and they contacted me with Paragon's tech guy. Their place is few hours away from home -we are in Houston Tx, they are close to Dallas, in Mesquite- so, I imagine they can send a tech here instead of shipping the kiln back. I told ClayKing No way I put my hands into it even if is a lose connection, I don't want to BBQ myself, It is like changing the car's tire, sheshhhhhhhhhh... Paragon has still to call me back. The kiln is defective, can you believe thattttttttttttttt? All this time wonder and wonder and when eventually opened the box and tried to "feel the heat" ... Nothing. UGH. Anyway I guess if something good came from this is that I explored the kiln structure and found it very simple! I guess the Real Magic is in HOW . It is sooooooo cool to have so much to learn!!! I Guess -yeah, just Guessinggggggggg- I might try to go and try to learn to make a mug, If they don't toss me out because of asking too many questions, like "what happens if I mix clay with glass enamel???? -In the "dough"- or what happens if I add metal shapes and "bake it all"... If I add glass spheres, will they melt and the pottery will look like swiss cheese with glassy craters??? Hum... well, I will have to wait a little longer but by sure I will be asking you all "weird stuff"... Can I start now? Had somebody tried the glass balls into clay thing? Can I fill a space in copper -fold formed maybe? - with clay and bake it all at same time? I will soooooooo TRY!!! Thank You ALL a whole lot!!! The patience and cool ways helped to feel optimistic and happy with the new challenge instead of feeling like a moron because I just don't know this or that. (I'm an athlete and when somebody starts if the teachers/coaches are Good, they make a champion, if they are smart idiots, they lose an athlete.)
  16. Well guys, all the waiting, excitement, even concern... and it seems Mrs. New Kiln is Not working. I connected it to the wall, followed every lil instruction, turn it on, the red light is on but is no heat whatsoever, except if takes hours to get at least warm. the pyrometer marked my body temperature when approaching the hand to it, so, is not the pyrometer, is not the outlet, tried 2 different ones... so, contacted the ClayKing -store- to see what is next. Darn. I guess I will be back with questions when at least I can make the thing work.
  17. Hi Neil!I would LOVE to be able to see somebody firing a kiln, feel the heat, smell the "how much" and have a visual and sensorial experience learning like we suppose to do. I checked that... So far, the few available pottery classes in my area -Houston, TX- have or "lets go to do some mug coloring deal party style, other is once a week older people learning to make mugs -Oh, No, please, don't make me do thattttttttt!!!- and most are hours and the classes where the firing -The only thing I Super need- is done by them, no hands on kilns, gulp. I don't even know people that used kilns... That is why I started to do the "binge internet research" where I probably know now how to make japanese style bisque, ancient viking pottery and how a programmable kiln works, but Nothing about my small humble manual firefly like: Turn on, lid open -or closed- warm up, 2 hs, -maybe is 3? turn to medium, will smell like smoke, 3 hours hot -maybe less, more???. Let cool, bah, this is how I fantasize it might be- No Info about the very first and this has been By Far, the most impressive and at same time easy to understand for people like me, below zero experience. The kiln arrived but still is unpacked, I reaaaaaaaally don't want to start freaking out because I don't know how to start, is like start driving a car and nobody tells you your foot has to be on the break, hehehe. I want to feel comfortable, confident using it, Hey, you are right, I just have nobody around that does the kiln use teaching thing.
  18. Viking Potter, Well, you know way more than I do, thou! I didn't try to build my own kiln because it needs more knowledge than I have -and I would hate to electrocute myself and carbonize my poor me, hehehe- or I would be doing that. I like the old style, the ancient techniques to do things but I can't be firing pits all over the yard every time I want a ceramic piece soooo an electric kiln seemed "the deal". That is why I chose a manual one, turn the dial -I thought, Haaaaaaaa- and Magicccc, hotter, on, off... Hum, and after started reading my eyes also started to look like sunny side up fried eggs. OMG, is NOT just On, Off, Hot. Is how long, depending of the materials, how cold, how hot, how. Holy Clay, Batman! Cones, ramps, sitters and Hey, will that Smoke???? At least now I know what are the lil stick looking things I saw on videos and pics, The famous sitter!!! -Thank Youuuuuuuuu,, EASY explained!!! YESssss!!! Ops.- I have a pyrometer thou.... I guess manual controller can force me to stay put aside but also to have fun, enjoy the process, learn and more learn. I'm just fascinated with the idea. Cones, sitter, hum, so the pyrometer would let me now what otherwise cones and sitters do. When the temperature is enough, how high is going. Is that pyrometer a "caveman style"way to control the kiln? Is not the same to spy the cones than to check the temperature with the pyrometer? Don't both show sort of the same? Or I understood nothing at all? Oooooooooh I just read where you say the witness cone is like a meat thermometer. Hum, does the pyrometer like the cones? Instead of bending I can see numbers? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH My Kiln Just arrived when I was writingggggggg!!! And Clay, hehehe, raku, a terracotta and a "normal kind of speckled clay. I will TOTALLY do that you said, make some things, let it dry -hum, can I use an electric hot place if I get super anxious and want to have it dry fast/er? - while I keep learning and then fire the "magical box". I might set it at the garage with a big fan -I read somewhere it would be a good thing- where if smokes I would not have every fire alarm and Co2 detector giving me a heart attack thinking that darn, eventually, I'm burning the house and studio! I might need somebody to chain me to a pipe or tree because I would probably will try to open that lil door before is cool enough. At least you have self control and wait saying Open, Open, Open, LOL. Really Thank YOU. I guess I don't want to mess it all up. Ohhhhhhhhhh questionnnnnnnnnnnn, the ceramics get red like incandescent? Glowing? Can I put pieces of metal or that can be like a homemade bomb???
  19. Hi Stephen!!! Even when I will totally sound "grandma-ish"when explored options my first idea was starting with a small device -I can get a bigger one if the passion takes me to larger objects, wink- and a manual controller since if I hate something in the nowadays things is Code error, blab blab, press 1 and then 2 and then... The programmable things seem way to easy to fail, anyway in "modern times" everything is that way, LOL. I like the rough and more artisan way, also to turn a dial seems way easier than error code in a console that just need me to "tell it"what to do, I need to know the same, understand the heat, time... I guess it just ramps and shuts down itself, or something like that...? To me sounded when I saw the video about how to program them like "tell your dad to put the trash out" thing when one is in the same room, hahaha. I know I can buy the controller and I can get an electrician -electricians do that???- to change the manual thing for the programmable one if I think I need it, and that sounds super cool! Having options is a need to me. Your kiln is one of that modern things? Are you comfortable managing the press 1 and all that?
  20. Hi Viking Potter! Great idea!!! That takes the eternal trial/mistake deal oit of the table, specially because I will be firing small and sometimes not too thick pieces.
  21. Oh, I forgot to add, I make this kind of things and is how I would love to work with ceramics, inclusive might be asking -after I learn how to start the process and make my first things- IF I can add maybe metals -other than the nickrome is that is the one used for some ceramics- and what about gemstones? Or they will totally explode? Can I mix glass and ceramics in the same element? This is why pottery regular classes and the commercial typical studio would not work, I don't want to make a mug -at least for now, hehehe- This pics are some of what I do I want to create with ceramics... Among the million ideas I have, hehehe. I even started making copper texture/molds for rolling clay on them and make sea urchin looking things, coral looking things, well, hum, everything I can find in my path. the sole obstacles: How I start the kiln, will smoke when fired first time? Open lid, how hot, all that...
  22. Hi Stephen and Old Lady!!! -Darn I feel weird calling somebody Old Lady!!!, ugh- Thankssss for the welcomeeeeee!!! Ok, I read the Paragon kiln manual But it doesn't say what I really have to do, check everything is working, connect and... Have I to leave the lid semi open or the first time I have just to leave it closed all the time? Have I to start in low and keep that until it reaches the high temperature? -The kiln will have the pyrometer- Or I have to turn the dial to high? Somewhere -Yeah, dizzy for reading too much in the binge session- that the kiln needs to "cure"- and has to get very hot, nobody seems to tell How much Hot nor for how long. I sure don't want to mess up the kiln -nor burn the house, hehehe, anyway I work with big torches, this is another breed of danger- I live in Houston, Texas, Old Lady, and I had been an athlete most of my life, friends and everybody has NO interest in any kind of arts except if BBQ cooking can be considered and "art"hehehe and I Don'T LIKE polymer clay- so, I have no other source of info but internet... I found we have pottery places that teach -I want to make my own experimentation with clays and even if I can clay/mud from my own yard!- and glass and... - and they don't teach/show/explain the basics of a kiln, they teach to make pottery and I want to make beads, masks, small sculptures that could be worn, even small vessels with organic feel and look, almost aboriginal. I do that with metals and concrete but I reaaaaally want to create elements with Real ceramics, terracotta, raku, all that wonders. I could fire "stuff"in a pit as I had seen in some of the 10000 videos I watched but I want a cleaner, neater, more defined artistic and versatile way to do what I dream. -The ideas are floating in my head already, Just need to learn How... - Oh, I didn't got any cones -Sheshhhhh, and I have no idea what the kiln sitter is, the kiln manual has not a word of that... so, it might have none. Hum... I told you, I might be asking for the super basic questions most give for granted. UGH...
  23. Hello, Introduction first. My name is Mara and I have my own Small metalwork studio and make jewelry with unusual things, including ancient beads. I had been In LOVE with the idea of ceramics and pottery since a child and now, for first time I decided that never is too late to start and bought my very first kiln, a firefly Paragon manual seemed less intimidating, and added to the purchase some clay and raku ready to start touching for first time the parcel of heaven that it means to me being able to create things with ceramics. Is so much beauty to create, so many things that can be done!!! SO much to Learn... The problem? I had never SEEN a kiln before except in pictures, never used one, I don't know any kiln user, so... I have Zero idea of what to do and in a binge search after decided to click the "pay here"button at the store where I got the kiln in a sudden moment of courage found this forum where I read simple, understandable, amazing information, the communication is fantastic and far for being the intimidating breed that is always to impress the other members with succulent words I realized in here everybody seems helpful and forgiving with extra beginners like me. I will be probably asking the silliest most obvious questions so, when that happens please remember I had never ever ever seen a kiln working, been in a pottery studio, do more than Play with the air dry clays with the burning desire to make it "real"solid. I would love any help, from what to do after the kiln arrives -My eyes are rectangular for watching way too many youtube videos trying to find a more visual answer- How it was the first time You fired a kiln? It arrives, -How big it as to be the room? It can be a small room? - Then, you set the wondrous new element far from the walls, check if inside all seems ok and connect to the outlet -mine seems to work with a regular household electric outlet- trying to understand what the manual says... But... What would You tell to somebody that will be standing in front of a kiln that has to be done in this very first experience? I found zero info about that, I guess because most people that get into this passion already had at least proximity with the process, seen somebody, something. Second silly question I found still No answer. I don't want to glaze the pieces -that will be small jewelry size-. re they already strong enough or the second firing with the glaze gives the pieces the desired strength? Yeah, I know... I'm in a below zero level, hey, But I want to learn, and I'm enthusiastic!!! Thanks in advance for the Patience and super thanks or the fluid way you all explain the processes. McRocks.
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