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    Jewelry design, Silversmithing, Metalsmithing, competitive Bodybuilding, survivalism, ceramics, ancient pottery techniques.

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  1. Ohhhh, Darn! Thank Youuuuuuuu LeeU!!! Just sent a request to the Facebook group. You just probably saved my microwave...
  2. Introduction: Hello! I'm Mara, I'm a silversmith and make jewelry and added ceramics to some of my pieces, started because wanted to make my own beads and use rare clays but during the quarantine I watched youtube videos -who didn't???- and among them ancient pottery, primitive pottery and got Crazy for trying. I had a kiln so... got a potter's wheel, tools, tons of clay and decide trying to learn what I always wanted, to make my own ware, strange cups, fun kitten bowls, some plates, and I have to say that I'm SO in Love!!! I'm more proud of my first cup than my sports trophies or even my bes
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