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  1. getting art inspired, EASY Getting forum topic inspired, DIFFICULT

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Lol, you can just lurk. Lots of us do that. :)

  2. Maybe shipping in multiple boxes would be better? I have to think also it is going to a residence and pallets or crates would be too complicated for a non-commercial destination.
  3. It has been a while since I don't post here, I'm back and hope to be more active, I promise I've been talking to a prospective client from the UK, I need to give her a quote for shipping the piece I haven't create yet, it is a kitchen backplash, each tile will be in different size ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches on the longest side, my style doesn't involve geometrically square tiles but curved cuts and in this case very little relief decor, at least that will make wrapping each tile a little bit easier. The backsplash is going to be about 30 sqf and might take me about 100 lbs of clay, I had never shipped something that heavy overseas, please help me
  4. Chandru, did you get to visit the posts recommended? I found them very helpful.
  5. Your best option would be finding a clay supplier that also offer in-house classes. Many places don't like to do it but I'm sure you'll find somebody willing to fire the tiles for you. Also ask on those places that offer paint your own pottery. Good luck!
  6. I'm selling as long as I keep going with treasuries and promoting on social media. Etsy is a great page but you must put a lot of effort to it and read all their advices. Do you want to share your link here and maybe we can give you more input?
  7. I'm shocked with all the requirements, I guess they get so many entries that they can actually ask for that much. One way to send large files is using Dropbox or any other free online file sharing. About the shadows if you don't mind you can put a sample picture here in the forum and we can help you. Good luck!
  8. Hi Frederik I didn't see this comment until now. Thank you, I'm happy that you got the full idea of my composition.
  9. The kiln must be on a concrete or tile floor, linoleum is flammable and you don't want to expose it to the kiln heat But if you are talking about just the production area, it's fine. I have cement floors but for the sitting/standing area I have rubber matts so my back doesn't suffer and they are easy to clean.
  10. For Inventory I use Art archive, it's pretty easy to use, visual, it keeps record of where your pieces are, prices, commissions, galleries and even prints labels, this is the Link I wish I can have Access on my Mac but that's not possible... Excel works but you have to set up the calculations you are going to need.
  11. I have an advertising and marketing college degree I got back in my country but after moving to the US, I found myself confused about the market. I read many books and the only one I really like is "I'd Rather be in the studio" by Alyson Stanfield. I also read her blog and follow her on facebook. I think that book is so comprehensive of what you need to do you'll be busy for a while. This is her blog if you want to take a look. http://www.artbizblog.com
  12. Hi Mea, I see, but it's not easy to figure out at first and If I have a questions about it I don't like to make a post in random places, you know what I mean? for example I opened my email this morning and I had a notification of a post I never subscribed to and didn't get a notification of your reply. I just clicked watch this topic, I hope it will work. Maybe I'm so used to other forums, I just want to make this one easier to use.
  13. Hello everybody, I was looking where to ask for help of how to use this forum and report bugs but i don't see any section where to talk all those technical questions. It has been a while since I don't log in and I see some improvements. I'll like to be more active here so I found helpful to have notifications on my email if there are replies, I noticed I got the option after logging in but I don't see it for individual topics. Nice to see this place is growing! Sikiu
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