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    Father, Nurse, Veteran, Student, Tennis player, hiker, reader, can't call myself a potter yet.
  1. I was hoping you would chime in sir, thank you for that. It looks like I'll be taking the Duncan here shortly so I may PM you with some questions if that's acceptable. I'll be taking it down to my pottery vendor here in town as well to have it looked and for their Kiln technician to give me good run down on it. The valuations I've gotten here seem to be pretty spot on, thanks again to everyone who commented.
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  3. Thanks for the help everyone, I've got the seller viewing this thread as well so I'm sure she is grateful. Here are a few hopefully closer looks at the kiln information.
  4. Thank you for the information ma'am, I may have assumed more value than is actually there. This is a great help, thank you again. Hoping someone can give me some information on those old kilns.
  5. I responded to a local classified ad in which someone was willed a large amount of pottery items from an old store. Two kilns in great condition and hundreds of moulds as well, everything in excellent condition and a lot of the moulds are Duncan from the mid-1960s onwards. Im able to get one of the kilns in exchange for helping sell the items. The seller is not knowledgeable in pottery to the degree needed for all of these items, nor am I completely, I've done my best to impart my limited knowledge and have also referred her to our local pottery vendor in Albuquerque for assistance. She had it advertised for 1500$ and I told her to take it down as some of the molds themselves had labels for prices in the hundreds of dollars. Can anyone help me learn more about these kilns and what type of value should be placed on this lot? Thank you all for your advice and time. Kevin
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, from the sound of things I guess my garage's days are numbered hehe. Thankfully I've a very accommodating wife and the space if need be :-).
  7. Like a lot of folks I took ceramics in High School and loved it but never continued. 12 years later and with the means and desire to return to it, I've started and have been handbuilding for about two months now. I started at my kitchen table and just finish a small corner studio in my garage, it's not pretty but it's plenty for me for now. I've picked up a used speedball and have been watching some of the instruction videos posted in a great thread here. Looking forward to participating here while I continue to practice and learn.
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