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  1. I order some new elements. I checked the last time I bought some was Nov. 2018. I am not sure how many firings I have done, I don't think its 100 though. I will try and keep better track this time. I am also adding a kiln vent which may help element longevity. We shall see. I also tightened the female disconnects connecting to the relays, tightened any wire nuts, and added vent holes to the panel. I will measure the voltage at load when I get the new elements in. I also have ordered new wiring for the elements themselves. I'm sure it still has the original wiring, so putting new stuff in
  2. I measured voltage at each element. 238.5v for each, that shouldn't be an issue. The resistance to each element was 42 ohms (the kiln was at 250degrees when checked, I will recheck when they are at room temp.), all together they were 11 ohms. The kiln shows wattage on the side at 5760. According to Evenheat they should be 38.3 ohms. At this point I have checked the connections, check voltage at each stage, and checked the resistance of the elements. I wonder if I just got a little paranoid and should give it a longer time to fire. In the past it took 9.5 hours to reach cone 6. Divi
  3. So I just tested the outlet by itself and then the outlet under load. I looks like it is around 241 volts without a load. With the kiln running it is dropping down to 236.5 volts. Neil do you think if I changed it to a 30 amp breaker, it would solve the voltage drop? Thanks again for all the help! -Matt
  4. Thanks for the replies. I want to make sure I do this right. I forgot to update the drawing, there is no contactor between the output outlet and the relays. Also I unwired the timer on the kiln sitter. And yes the fire right is disconnected. There is a ground going to the box I installed the equipment in. The way it is wired with the relays in series is based on the bartlett manual. You are correct in saying the drawing of the relays is not to convention, I suppose I should change it make more sense. So as you all suggest I need to change to a 30amp breaker. Is it ok to do this in
  5. Hello all, I am trying to work out an issue with my kiln. It will take some explaining so bare with me. I have an older Evenheat 1820. It's rated at 240v 24 Amps. I replaced the elements a year or so ago, and haven't had but maybe 30 firings on the new ones. It has been reaching cone 6 with no issues. Recently, I decided I wanted more control over the kiln so I set out to build a controller. Pre-made ones cost around $1000, out of my price range, so I did some research and built my own for around $450. I have attached a wiring schematic I drew up for it. It is a Bartlett Genesi
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