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  1. I hate to state the obvious but I think it is Sushi :-) .
  2. Hi Lee, The glaze is by Terracolour and is called Mars Moon. :-)
  3. Hi Julia, Have you thought of using silica sand under the tiles, it may be that the tile warped during firing and as it cracked it broke the deco off. Sand will help with allowing the tile to move with the heating process, just dont let it touch your heating elements. If you are worried about moisture involvement then just make a couple of small pin holes in the back at the thickest part (where the deco sits) which will be enough to allow steam to leave the clay body. Hope this helps and good luck <3.
  4. Sorry had to resize the image . I didnt think about it when I glazed the inside of his head with Terracolour MarsMoon, May not have been the most suitable LOL xxx
  5. Here is my snow man incense cone holder , Yes cone goes in his pipe and you can keep the unused cones in his head under his hat.....see next post for pic...:-)
  6. I always use a paint brush and you can acquire really small thin ones for use on small pieces or tight spots .
  7. If they just want some for show eg not to hold any liquid, then why not use dried green ware and paint with acrylic paints that way there is no sharp edges ;-) just an idea. xx
  8. Hi, I made one that was only 1cm thick and that has seemed to work. Albeit the mould is not very high at approx 2", if I was to make another higher one I would probably have it a little thicker. Whether this is technically correct I have no idea but it worked for me. Made from Buff clay C08. Hope that helps.
  9. My partner Buillt my studio in one side of our duck barn and my kiln has no extractor. When I set of kiln I leave the window and unblock a wall pipe to vent and stay out of the studio (Mainly do overnight firings). I then can work in there during the cooling down period when the kiln keeps the room toasty ;-).
  10. Maybe also soak at the high end of your firing for a further 10 minutes so instead of just a 20 minute soak do a 30 minute. xx
  11. Hi, I use my late father's leather stamps they are metal ones or alternatively make your own clay ones, I made my own signature stamp. Hope that helps. xx
  12. Thank you Neil, Yes my glaze firing goes up to the same temp as my bisque it just soaks for half hour at that temp. Hoping my reds wont be too muddy but is a learning curve none the less. Working late and not checking through the program was a school girl error. lol.
  13. Thanks Marcia, I fire at cone 6, and it had finished its bisque cycle this morning. The only difference with the 2 programs is bisque is longer with 2 ramps and no soak and the glaze is shorter and has a soak at the end of half hour. It should be ok but the colours may have fired a little different than expected but I wont know until Friday which will be when I can open kiln. :-/
  14. This is amazing, thank you Jed for the video, they sound incredible xxx
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