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  1. That's what I was thinking, but hoping there was something for us too :-)
  2. Is there a kiln paper that we can use instead of kiln wash? I've heard of Bullseye paper, but not sure if it's made for cone 5.
  3. I have enough nerve to try a firing again after last time's disaster. I'd like to get an opinion on this schedule to start with for bisque. I'll take notes as I go along and tweak it from there. Set timer for 12 hours. Low for 2 hours / medium for 2 hours / high for remaining 8 hours or until (IF) the kiln sitter drops. Any thoughts on what to do then for a glaze firing? I was thinking 8 hours on timer. 1 hour on low / 1 hour on medium / 6 hours on high or until the kiln sitter drops. Thank you for your feedback!
  4. Thank you! I'm going to do this for my bisque firing, but what timer amount do you suggest for a glaze firing?
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions!! The new tube assembly just came in today. (The cone melted and fused the cone supports, sending rod, and tube altogether. ) Soon I will try firing again. This was what I gathered from the kiln manual for a 05 bisque firing... wedge lid open, fire on low for 10-12 hours fire on medium for 1 hour remove wedge and fire on high till shut off. Does that sound like a good plan? If I set the timer to 20 hours as liambesaw suggested and check it, think I will be in good shape? (Well, as good as shape as I can be )
  6. I guess that's what I'm wondering. I have no idea how long I should set the timer for bisque and for glaze. Anyone have any idea of a general ballpark guess as to how long I set the timer for?
  7. Hello! New kiln user here. I have a manual Olympic 1818H kiln with a Skutt kiln sitter LT-3K. The instruction manual is terribly vague as far as what the times should be for firing so I don't know what to set the timer for. I followed the instructions but the kiln sitter failed and my pyro bar melted all over the kiln sitter and ruined it. My question is how do I set the kiln it for a) bisque firing to cone 05 and b) glaze firing to cone5?
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