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  1. michael cardew originated this bird.  i went to Seth's in 2002 and saw it everywhere.  was lucky enough to buy his sample at a workshop here.  had to have it glaze fired and it came out with a clear gloss glaze not at all like the originals.  have always loved the design, with the two birds, too.  good job!

    You caught me! I apprenticed with Michael Cardew in 1978/79. Once in a life-time experience. Had to come back to Canada though. I was broke and had been away for two tears.


  2. John;

    I came across a recipe for a Nuka glaze, which I understood to be white. I was interested in it as it uses wood ash, which I have an abundance of.[dangling participle there]. I mixed up a test. Like the surface quality, but it needs to be applied thicker. On your jar, are you putting it over black slip, or is it a black clay body? Looks beautiful.


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