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  1. Hand built sculpture, bowls
  2. From the album: Ronda's Originals

    Earthenware wall hanging, electric fired, bisqued 04, matte glazes 06 13"t x 12"w x 4.5"d
  3. From the album: Ronda's Originals

    This one I built using slab on the mask used in radiation therapy as the form. Earthenware, electric fired, bisqued 04, glazed 06 21"t x 18"w x 9"d
  4. From the album: Ronda's Originals

    Earthenware, electric fired bisqued at 04, glaze fired at 06

    © Ronda's Originals

  5. I am still learning to use this site, I hope you get this. Thanks for the advice and I hope everything comes out of the kiln alright.

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