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  1. Rondas Originals

    Ronda's Originals

    Hand built sculpture, bowls
  2. I am still learning to use this site, I hope you get this. Thanks for the advice and I hope everything comes out of the kiln alright.

  3. Thanks for the info. I hope your experiment is a success. ***Warning, I am still doing experiments and am only a beginner at trying this I have recently done this on purpose, similar happenstance but my clay is a pressing clay, my slip a different brand that we have not been able to get so we were running low. I have no idea what I was doing so I googled making slip and am in the trial and error phase of seeing if I can combine lots of scarp pressing clay (pug mill is out of service and I have rebuilding it, plus it scares me to death) I started with this link here http://www.nmclay.co.../Slipmaking.htm I narrowed the list down a bit as I knew my pressing clay had some of the ingredients and we have a super osmosis water filter dohicky at our studio so far the only thing I have added is a bit of soda ash (using Arm & Hammer washing soda as it has no additives and is Sodium Carbonate - soda ash) Wish I would have kept better track of the amounts for future reference as I sort of just guessed. I did a test casting of pure recycled and it came out of mold fine, I've since added a about 4 gallons of it to my existing slip and it has cast fine too. My first test piece is in kiln as I write this as I'm hoping I have no problems with glaze fit as I added no talc as I figured my pressing clay and the existing slip had it already. So far so good. here is another resource I used as it has a bit more info on adjusting. I'm a googler, when I need to figure out something I just google like crazy. http://www.lagunacla...-slipmaking.php
  4. I work with commercially prepared earthenware clay and sometimes slipcast with a different brand. The broken pieces have ended up in the same bucket. Will my reclaimed clay be ruined?
  5. Lucy, I have had the same thing happen. I was unwittingly applying three coats of a one stroke underglaze, trying to get an opaque coverage. It peeled everytime during firing, greenware or bisque it did not matter.
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