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  1. Thank you both so much!! A question to @oldlady what types of glaze would you use to achieve those brighter colors (referring to temperature)? Are you saying the exact opposite? As in bisque to cone 6 then glaze at 04? Would the risk of crazing etc. be higher when using a cone 04 glaze on a matured cone 6 body? Thank you again!!
  2. Hello! This may be a question that's a little silly, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I've taken a liking to brushing on glazes on a banding wheel, as I've used earthenware clay/glazes for the majority of my time making pottery, and just recently decided to try a few different clay bodies and still intend to use brush-ons as much as I can. My question comes from the level of difficulty brushing 3 coats onto Cone 6 stoneware or porcelain (that has been fired and matured to Cone 6) brings, as It's not porous and takes a while for each coat to fully dry. As I've been looking at some different company glazes/glaze combinations and techniques (specifically Mayco), a lot of them have said to bisque fire to Cone 04, and then glaze fire to Cone 6 and it makes sense to me, but I still can't find it written anywhere definitively that that is the way to go about brushing on stoneware glazes. Is bisque firing stoneware or cone 6 porcelain to Cone 04 and then glaze firing to 6 a common practice when brushing on glazes or even dipping? Any information regarding this topic is greatly appreciated or any tips etc. about brush on stoneware glazes are also welcome! Thank you in advance!! Caden.
  3. Have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to.. Brush on glazing of stoneware..

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      I'm not quite sure what your question is?

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