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  1. thanks a ton. That is so helpful. I will now test both. I haven't heard of 'fish sauce'... but it could well be. A friend sent the recipe without the zircopax, and I saw the other on CAD as well as pinterest…. Thank heaven for this forum!
  2. Thanks Bill. I'm guessing the colorant aspect of zircopax would be white? and no harm done if its left out? I certainly have zircopax, but just confused why one recipe had it, and one did not. I am more interested in 'sculpting' or doing raised patterns with the slip than coloring ...... or using it as an engobe, or terra sig..... I liked the fact this slip fires at various temps, and 'sticks to anything'!
  3. I am experimenting with different slip recipes and have a question - "stick to Anything White Slip" calls for zircopax. Is this necessary? I have another version of the recipe that does not include zircopax. This is for use over stoneware clay to create some texture by layering. Another question about this slip : It looks like I can add colorants but does that mean oxides as well as stains? Any help/suggestions are hugely appreciated!
  4. Min, thank you for the link. It didnt show on any of my searches for lustre or over glaze.... This looks promising.
  5. Yes yes yes! Me and glazes.......its a sad tale!! Hence the lustre. It may be a way to save pots I like, but glazes gone very wrong....
  6. Oh - got it. Not quite what I was looking for, but I will get a book or two and see how this works on ceramics, and rough surfaces. Thanks for pointing me in this direction - it would never have occured to me.... (!)
  7. china paints....?? Thanks - looking up right now.
  8. I'm looking for lustre glazes and all I can find are the very obvious gold, platinum etc. The most subtle is mother of pearl. Is there a way to make a metallic overglaze? All my glaze recipes are Cone 6-7. I want to OVER-GLAZE these with some metallic colors. ANY ideas??? Does anyone work with lustre glazing ? (I think of Lustre as in Alan Craiger Smith's work....and the like....) I am not trying for that level of lustre and tin glazes etc. That is well beyond my scope. A company called ARTE FO has some amazing "Effect" glaze colors, but these go on bisque. This may sound te
  9. I'll check on the spodumene and lithium - and make a note of both points ! The rubbing alcohol is what I tried before... I used a solution - and will try it neat and diluted. thanks for the tip about vinegar as well. What a relief, I can go ahead with glazing!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
  10. My new batch of glaze has a lot of bubbles - Just on the surface. I've stirred it over a few days, but they are still there. Very evident when I dip test tiles. I had this issue before, and found a suggestion to spray a mixture of alcohol and water on the surface. Or could it be vinegar and water? ?? In either case I cant remember the proportions. Any ideas to solve this problem? Many thanks.
  11. I came here looking for possible instructors, but this is just to share my thoughts on why I think teaching skills are important. Good instruction takes away a lot of the uncertainty when you're learning. Many clay/pottery classes are very 'try your hand at throwing' ..... you'll get the hang of it. Easier said than done. Four years ago I committed to pottery and set up a studio at home. the clay was the first challenge. My experience with an instructor a few years ago, made a huge difference to my centering and throwing skills. Marc Mancuso, who I took some one on one classes with in B
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