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  1. The firing "tree" I use for my wood fired raku is made of steel mesh. It was bent into a triangle shape and wired to the base.  I've used it for at least a a half dozen wood firings.  It has warped slightly with use.                                                                                             I like using a "tree" because it allows me to pull all of my little pieces out of the kiln at the same time.


    1. Babs


      Great idea!

      I guess my idea of raku involved grabbing pots and placing them in various reduction stuff but the tree is a  really practical solution to firing little bits not going down that path. Love it and your bits

  2. Just posted an experiment displaying copper raku glaze outdoors after it was sealed with a clear UV rust oleum spray. 

  3. what kind of a sealer can be used to slow oxidation of copper raku?

    1. karenkstudio


      never mind. I found the correct place to post this question.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I edited my earlier post. I said krylon fixative should be clear coat.



    3. karenkstudio
  4. Just up loaded photos of woodfiring bisque to the gallery

    1. glazenerd


      Cool stuff, will have to try this method sometime in the near future.

    2. karenkstudio
  5. I have posted photos to my gallery of alternate firing techniques using a small electric NOVA kiln.

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    2. PRankin


      Please explain the alternate firing techniques you are using in that kiln. Thanks

    3. karenkstudio


      Alabama, I remember the problem with the Chevy Nova.

      PRankin, Search Horse hair firing techniques, or Marcis

    4. karenkstudio


      Or Marcia Selsors

      web site.

      not enough space to explain here


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