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  1. You know - I was planning on something longer-term. I appreciate the perspective with fiber though. I knew it wouldn't be the most sturdy material, but I definitely want something that will last more than a handful of firing. It seems like opinion is split on fiber generally. Circling back to an earlier thought I had - stacking blank kiln rings until I reach my desired height. The only ones I could find were either too expensive, included electric elements I don't need, or both. Any source for cheap blank kiln rings, or plans for building your own? A masonry saw is something I have access to.
  2. Thank you for the homework done there - and the good questions. I am curious about the 'ceramic buttons' - there is one good picture in the article you linked that gives a glimpse of the round, flat, buttons that are on the inside of the petals. They each have two holes - presumably that have wires going through the holes which tie around the metal bracing in order to connect the fiber? Are those buttons a common item I don't know about, or something custom? What metal would the wire going through the buttons be?
  3. Thanks Mark, that is a very helpful start. Do you have opinion on what is best for the metal structure to support the fiber, and how to join the fiber and structure together? I never got a chance to see a petal kiln in person and figure out how it ticks.
  4. Hi all - here is the conundrum: I am looking for a way to fire large, very tall pots, (let's say up to 2.5' wide, and up to 6' tall), to cone 06, and on the cheap. Gas or wood as preferred heat sources - I'm not well set up for heavy electricity. I've gone through a few ideas, the first being to simply build a tall custom kiln from firebrick to my ideal dimensions. I haven't been able to find any used brick in the region, (western NY), and the cost of new brick might put this out of my range. I've been inspired by Nina Hole's petal kilns, and have started thinking down that route. What I do have on hand is a large electric kiln that I think could serve as the base. If I convert that to gas, stack some firebricks up on the edge to give me the extra height I need, and wrap it all in ceramic fiber blanket... any thoughts from experienced kiln DIYers here? Thanks much!
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