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  1. Hey folks, thanks for the responses. I just wanted to give an update on my wheel. Luckily the local ceramics store I bought from was able to take a look. At first they thought just needed to reset the potentiometer, but that didn't fix the issue. Turns out the switch was bad. Ordered a new switch from Shimpo and should be able to put it in this week. It was still under warranty so no cost to me (and thank goodness did not have to ship my whole wheel to Illinois for Shimpo to diagnose). I'll post again when I get my wheel back and confirm it's in working condition!
  2. Hey Folks, I’ve had my Shimpoo VL Lite for about a year and a half now (bought it new) and the other day I noticed it was rotating and then kicking off, then rotating then kicking off over and over again with steady pressure on the foot pedal. I switched it off and back on again which seemed to solve the issue and I threw some pots with it functioning normally. Today went to throw and it did the same thing, I tried to reset it and now it won’t turn on. No light on the power switch and obviously no wheel rotation. I don’t know much about electrical stuff but I think it may have blown a fu
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