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  1. My husband was magnanimous enough to turn our garage into a studio, where my daughter and I play in clay. She throws on the wheel, I work with slab.
  2. You are right around the block from me.... well... right down Park Blvd., LOL! My daughter has been in pottery for over ten years, spent four of them in college. When I paid for her college, I didn't realize this was what I was going to pay for, but the good news is that she is now teaching me! We have a studio set up in our garage. We call it the garagio. Nothing fancy, but we've got a wheel, and kiln and space. If you'd like to come buy some time, let me know. My stuff is rudimentary, but hey... I just started in November, 2015
  3. I'm new to the community and ceramics, but would love to be a part of your chat room if you get it up and running. What a brilliant idea!
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