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  1. On 4/19/2019 at 7:20 AM, dhPotter said:

    Nice save for this salvaged pot! Do see a little warpage or is that camera angle? Oatmeal glaze?

    No, it didn’t warp when I stuck it together it was off a little depending on what angle you look,  I figured I’d just go with it sometimes you have to know when to quit. The glaze is cream with speckles dusted with red/gold.

  2. 15 hours ago, dhPotter said:

    Love the pastel colors. Looks like some crystal growth also.

    Tx, I’m having a hard time warming up to them actually these are not glazes that I picked ou and while I think they are OK my eye wants to focus on any defect. Eventually I’ll adjust, the cream colored vessel has a nice silky texture, although I’d prefer slightly more distinct iron specks.

  3. Hi Tom, yep, a bit of a departure... my oldest daughter is feeling stressed running her business and wants to paint on some pottery and unwind. I was doing an underglaze sample test piece and it got out of hand, the plate had a crack in the rim and I had to remove the crack after deciding it was possibly worth keeping beyond more than an underglaze test. Also I've been wanting to experiment with some of the desert and mountain color and texture I've been living.

  4. Benzine, thank you very much. I think it's my ADD... seems three or four is my limit before boredom overwhelms me, honestly many times I'm initially disappointed in the results, sell or give them away and don't have that glaze any more and can't exactly repeat so on to something new.

  5. Thanks Joseph, I've made a few of this type in the past and a customer just bought one I'd rakued a few years ago that some of the handle had broken during the firing. I only had two left and don't want to sell the other so she took the one with missing handle piece for $600 and wants to collect more work. Guess that means I should make a couple more in the series and see what happens?

  6. Soldate loves raku, it's only when you get to cone 6 and above some glaze issues with the new formula and depending on the glaze some at cone 10 can be kind of drab and disappointing depending what I'm hoping for. That's the one thing I love about porcelain they way it fires so vibrant and lively.

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