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  1. Just became the owner of a second-hand Paragon LT-4. Cannot find any manuals or even mention of this model anywhere. Does anyone have any sage advice, an idea of how old it is and, most importantly, where I can get an owners manual? Thanks so much!


    LT4 is the kiln sitter, not the kiln - there is hopefully another number on there somewhere, (before you call Paragon)..



    Using silicon carbide yields some wonderful bubbling and crawling but the color is pretty much dark grey or darker at cone 5/6.




    I've recently started playing with SC, my first test only used 3.4% SC and fired to ^6 it was white. (There's also a  bit of green glaze showing at the top). Using more SC has just given me a nasty black result.   I would try reducing the amount of SC.




  3. Is anyone else seeing some strong similarities between those two pots?


    The pieces don't look at all the same to me, between the two sellers.


    Actually it is true that I'm not making them by myself and I'm just a seller. The maker lives in a village and mostly sells his items at Kyiv and Chernihiv area. But I can ask him about some specific questions.



    Ayjay looks around, and leaves again:  complete with smug grin.   :D  ;)


  4.  I did open the kiln a crack (sort of like shaking the Christmas presents before Christmas) but it was already down to 135.  Guess I need to wait longer to peek.  Thanks for the education!!!  




    I don't think opening the kiln for a peek at135, (either Fahrenheit or Centigrade) is going to be the sole cause of the problem - I've often been guilty of peeking, normally at about 250°C ( domestic oven temperature)  but I've also done it at anywhere between 600°C and 100°C and  I'm yet to experience anything like you are showing, so I'd say there must be some other contributing factor.

  5. There does seem to be an abundance of lefties here, (and I'm another one) my wheel can go both ways but I stick to counter-clockwise for both throwing and trimming, I do however use my trimming tools in either hand, I'm a carpenter (when I'm not able to get out of working - not lazy, just nearly retired)  and as such often have to use my tools in the wrong hand (but never a hammer or a saw - just can't do it) so it doesn't seem odd using trimming tools in either hand.


    I'd like to say that sometime I'll give it a go the *wrong* way, but I seriously doubt I ever will.

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