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  1. Thanks. I used a paper stencil cut from a real leaf as the plant was struggling this year and I didn't want to keep taking leaves (Lovage which usually grows well in our garden but we've had a very hot dry summer).  I gave someone a set of soup bowls with this design.

  2. Thanks Nerd, this firing was a great confidence booster (to make up for the last one that was not). This blue/grey and the creamy oatmeal are great. Artistically I'm not sure if the brown band brings much to the party (and I didn't get the edges neat as I think I over-thinned my wax resist.)

  3. Artistically the single thin line seems to have an unresolved tension. Maybe this is a good thing as I like the simplicity. But my mind is pondering if this would be resolved by making the single line wider, or if balance would be restored by a second line? Equally, in the jug I feel the lines may be too broad.

  4. Only just seen your comment Nerd, thanks. Don't know that much about the glazes, they're from a professional potter when I went on a course in his studio. The body is very iron rich. The blue glaze has a fairly high clay content, in his words almost a slip. The mottling on the white rice ash glaze is it interacting with the blue underneath it. 

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