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  1. Douglas... I always hope for the problem not being user error, but the buck stops at the potter more often than not. I'm not leaning toward glaze blame because the problem was the same for comm'l glazes and one I made, and I did another firing with different batch of same comm'l glaze and it happened again. Whole load had the problem x 3 loads. :-(
  2. A knife or edge of a spoon rubbed against the glaze left a scratch... not a mark... a scratch in the glaze that cannot be removed. Normally it feels glassy smooth... with this problem my hand catches a bit on it. Like it's a little bit sticky... not gooey.... just not smooooooth and glassy, so I imagine there must be some texture there that isn't usual. But the glazes all look fine.
  3. For the last load that came out soft I had mixed a new batch of one of the commercial glazes using new product sent by producer. Came out with the same problem. So, I usually make only 1-2 gallons of glaze at a time an de use it pretty quickly, so don't think the problem is mixing If glazes in buckets froze (not solid, but just on top) would that change something enough to cause this problem?
  4. I recently fired a couple loads of work to c5 with no unusual events. Load had plates with a few comm'l glazes and one I made. Witness cones came out as usual with c5 down and c6 nodding. I've used all of these glazes on plates before with no problem. This time all came out soft... could scratch them with the edge of a spoon. The kiln is outside and outdoor temps overnight were down in the low 20's and kiln finished early morning when temp was high 20's. Ran another load which went overnight but finished mid day with temps in the 60's. Same results with glazes: easy to scratch and not as smooth as usual... feel kind of sticky when your run your hand over them. Look perfect and shiny as usual. Any thoughts on what the problem may be? Since it's all the glazes it has to be the firing, but cones down as usual. What the heck?
  5. What am I missing? Shouldn't it have taken an hour to reach 120, and at the end of that hour it would continue up to 140 and shut down. But it did the whole thing in 36 minutes.
  6. Thanks so much for your suggestions and questions. I ran a program for 120/140/0 hold. It went to 120 and kept on going straight up to 140, with relays cycling on and off, in about 35 minutes and then turned itself off as it should and proceeded to cool down as usual meaning no relays were stuck on. The kiln has always had an obvious buzzing when the relays are on and I don't hear anything when they are cycling off during these trials. So, again, I don't think it's a stuck relay, but I haven't looked inside at the elements during a test. Should have done that. I can go online and see my hourly electric usage for the last bisque and glaze fires. The glaze fire (which was about 3 weeks ago) shows a steady consistent usage over the length of the firing. I just got the smart meter so unfortunately I don't have another glaze firing profile to compare it to. Since I use the factory Cone 5 program I'm not exactly sure if there are set points in the program, but I would think so. The bisque fire, which was about 4 weeks ago, shows varying usage over the hours. That would be expected if it was firing as it should with the various set points. I program the bisque profile in so I know the steps. So I don't see anything wrong with the bisque electrical profile. It seems it just doesn't want to stop at set points.
  7. I thought my Cress ET28 had been working fine as cones confirmed it was reaching Cone 6 in the usual amount of time and using the usual amount of energy. But after starting a bisque load with the first step being 180/hour to 180, no hold, I noticed that 20 minutes after starting it had reach 193 and the relays were still cycling off and on. I restarted and this continued to happen; not stopping at the set point. I unplugged the kiln and re-entered the firing program with same results. I re-entered the program under a different user profile with same results. Cress Mfg is closed for another week so no access to their support. Any ideas or suggestions? What other trials can I do to narrow down the problem?
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