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  1. I accidentally let the kiln fire to cone 10 instead of 8 when I was posting pics for this thread. Hopefully I didn't over fire. But this firing was much better and easier. (221F)12am warm kiln with door open, close door at 12:45am (414F)1:05 seal door damper on 2/3 and gas is at 1/8 open (615F)3:05 Turn gas up to 3/8 (1440F)6:15 Turn up 5/8 (1884F)8:15 Turn up 6/8 (2155F)11:30 Turn up 7/8 (2222F or near)12:30 What cone 10 hit already >) | cone 8 is not visible in bottom peep hole so I guess that hit too. Seems like a darn near even firing if cone 8 on the bottom fell. Just hope I didn't leave it on to long, but I wouldn't think I did if at 11:30 cone 8 still wasn't bending. I also fixed my pyrometer with a new part.
  2. So I tried to cut my silicon carbide shelves with a diamond coated brick saw blade, haha wasted $65 dollars. I wish I would have known to use tungsten carbide blade. Any way I had to improvise so I used some shelves from an old electric kiln I bought and tried to convert to gas. You can see the pics of what I have done to solve the problems I have been having ( http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/image/8897-bottom-shelf/) Ill post pics of the results when the kiln is finished to see if all went well with these few fixes in the kiln. Thanks again
  3. JamesP

    Gas Kiln

    Here is a picture of my gas kiln
  4. I have not yet cut the shelves to incorporate the space that is needed, but I will do that this week and also add these 1x1 hard bricks you speak of. I was also thinking of lifting those bottom shelves up 4inches so that the flame could be under them a bit more. Would that be to much space or should I try it out? That was very helpful thank you
  5. So I am curious if I need to place something over the inlet flues to redirect the flow of the flame so it doesn't just shoot straight up. Anyone know? Here is a picture to base my question off of: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/image/8861-firing/ JBaymore I know you are following the topic still, maybe you could help me figure this out. I just need to cut the shelves to allow for more air flow. I want to make sure that all that work will show to be successful and not wasted time because I didn't block the flame from going straight up which would be avoiding going in between the shelves. Thanks for your time.
  6. Yes it is, stoneware cone 5 to 10. Of course I would only bisq fire them 04 but the future customer could use a glaze range cone 5 to 10. So yea maybe ill call some of these places or try out amazon!??
  7. I thought maybe someone on this form post might have known of some shows. It seems kind of like a close nit community. I say this because I make pipes and everyone knows which shows to go to but this industry is different. I make ceramic pipes that it seems few make and I would care to start testing out the waters of selling bisq fired pipes instead of only finished ones. But I do understand production and factories pumping out 10s of thousands of items. I am only at thousands right now but that is still pretty good for a one man operation. So maybe ill do some calling maybe marc or someone knows of some shows, we shall see. Thanks so far though
  8. Yes, as I said for selling bisq fired ceramics, and they will be intended to be finished by others. So like selling wholesale to pottery supply stores that stock molds and bisq fired ceramics, plus what ever else.
  9. While your on this topic I thought I would see if any of you know of the #1 wholesale shows to visit. I have been looking for B2B Trade Shows for selling bisq fired ceramics and I am struggling to find a show. What are some good shows (West Coast) to check out or maybe a link to a list of shows. Thanks
  10. JamesP

    Me on the phone

    The kiln or my picture. Confusing question there. That is a high fire kiln no acrylic
  11. Well once again thank you all so much for your help, I know this will really change things for me. And of course if you ever need a ceramic pipe you know where to go.. haha Cheers everyone
  12. Great information, I know I can make it work much better now with all of this. Thank you so much
  13. It is a natural gas kiln with no gauge (it is a 10ft 1inch line that goes into a 1/2inch line under the kiln before it reaches the burners). As for the firing schedules that is all I have, my pyrometer stopped working so I decided to just use cones. But I do have one more schedule from when the pyrometer did work. Schedule: ( the first shelf was off the bottom of the kiln by 14inches though(9.5 inches higher from the other firings), had to fit some water pipes) 10:22 Start low gas damper 3/4 11:36 Turn up 1/4 dapmen 2/5 (500F) 1:30 open flue 1/2 turn up to 1/2 open (1333F) 3:30 3/4 open (1942F) 5:30 full open (2173F) 6:23 End kiln sitter dropped and large cone (2232F)
  14. JUST when I thought we were going to see the actual firing conditions....... you cut to unloading. Oh well. Just looking at the load part........ you need more space around the shelves in the front and back (and in between a pair) for sure. If you can, get us some more detail like Neil is asking bout. And if you can shoot some footage of FIRING...... please do. Shoot some at different points in the firing. Take some shots showing the exit flues, the spy ports, and under the kiln showing the burner area. best, .......................john Well that will have to be a video for another day...
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