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  1. Fellow potters, I need your expertise: I'm part of a potter's guild and we're in the process of moving everything to a new space - our kilns, our chemicals, our tools, and our already-mixed glazes. Most of it is pretty easy (in theory) but I am hoping some of you might have some insight on moving glaze buckets - or at least making them a little lighter and hopefully easier to move. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to getting the water out of a glaze, relatively quickly, without compromising the integrity of the mixture? Just pouring out the top layer of water seems like it might also take out any material that is lighter than the rest and stays suspended in the water. Is there a filtering device for this purpose? Hopefully we'll be moving or donating most of the glazes, but some will probably be disposed of - if anyone has any insight on best practices that would be much appreciated also. Any/all other tips for doing a big studio move (on a tight budget) would be more than welcome!
  2. Hello clay community! I have a request of the experienced sellers here on the forum: I'm in the process of starting a wholesale relationship with a small coffee shop (they'll buy mugs outright and resell). We're still getting the details worked out but things seem to be on the right track and I'm getting excited! Before I invest any hard cash I want to make sure I have a contract in place with this person, even if it's a simple one. I know certain things are obviously going to be included - like terms of payment - but I've never done anything like this before and I want to make sure I cover my bases (aka my behind) on paper before I begin "for real." Any suggestions? Templates would, of course, be welcome (Or point me in the direction of an older thread on this topic? I searched but didn't have much luck) (Just to make sure there is no confusion, this is definitely a whole sale deal - I've heard enough horror stories about consignment to know that that's not a stress I need right now)
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