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  1. I saw a post you had in January that you purchased a Pacifica wheel   in 1972. I just purchased a Pacifica wheel probably about the same age. The wheel is a GT500, contacted Laguna and they have never heard of a gt500.

    I am trying to find out what hp the motor is and was wondering if you happen to know.

    Thanks   Ron

    1. oldlady


      ron, just saw this, my internet connection has been down. 

      i have not heard of it either.   where are you seeing the number?   i have a 400 and they also offered an 800.  could you be reading 5 for 8?  i bought it from the inventor who sold the business to laguna years later. 

      if it is on the motor, i would have to crawl under the table to see any numbers.   where should i look?   i can use a mirror to see what might be visible  underneath.    just looked with a mirror.  it is very hard to see the label and it is placed where it is almost impossible to read.

         i think i remember it was a half horse. 


    2. ronfire


      Well just blew up the controller , yes it is a gt500. now I with I kept my Estrin wheel.


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