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  1. I don't notice a difference throwing probably because I am standing up.
  2. There are two different size pans FYI. I use the big ones on my RK2's the wheelhead needs to come off and bolts on to the unit. I bought a seal that fits the diameter of the hole. I then have a copper tube that fits snuggle into the hole and is attached to a hose that runs into a bucket to collect the slop I use quite a bit of water (I also throw standing up). It works good. The one piece pan is nice and easy to clean out. If there is a lot of slop in there and you push a big sponge around you can push the slop over into the center of the pan and near the bearing cap. I will say you will need a long allen wrench to take off the pan. I used an allen socket and extension with a ratchet to take the head on and off once in awhile. I finally broke down and bought the allen tool from shimpo. You may be able to modify the one you have now if you are handy. Good luck.
  3. Do you wedge? What style? Ramshead, spiral, wire and slam, pugmill, etc. Why? Do you also orientate the spiral shape to the rotation of your wheel?
  4. They work good. Run your glaze through a 60 mesh screen first. 20-40 psi incoming.
  5. I use wooden banquet tables with formica tops. I then use drywall wareboards with the edges taped off to build on. Wedging table has canvas top and is outside. Some day I will weld up a table and pour in a plaster top for a nice wedging table.
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