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  1. I love that extruder idea, can't watch it on my tablet, have to use a real computer...Will do it later today, looking forward to a weekend project that extrudes clay!!! Thanks everyone for the inspiring tool help! I think I'll do a vertical slab roller as I have a small studio... 8'x14'....
  2. Ooooooooooooo state government surplus....you just made my month! I love surplus! I am going to check out the potterbarter when my kids are napping...thanks so much everyone!I saw a rolling pin slab roller with guides built in and one that had different levels of wood wedges to use instead...but oh the effort and free space needed... I would love to figure out how to search Craig's list regionally instead of just my small area, didn't know that was possible... I really want a handle extruder, I'm bored with pulled handles for all the mugs I am making and I can make my own custom inserts...I just don't have time to make a whole extruder.
  3. I have searched everywhere for used extruders, slab rollers, old clay, mixers, basically old equipment....I'm coming up empty. Is there a magical locale where all the pro's and profs post their stuff? I have searched Craig's and only find kilns and wheels...both I have and scored on Craig's...I've tried bribing my old art department with baked goods to part ways with their unused old wares but to no avail-all on diets I bet...does it all go to the dump or what??? Ebay has nothing! I need an extruder now!I can't afford a 200$ plus gadget...any suggestions? Anybody know of a little niche of artists in Orange county,ca where I can get some input...I feel like a baby in ceramics...yet I swear I went to college for this kind of thing about 10 years ago.
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