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  1. I love that extruder idea, can't watch it on my tablet, have to use a real computer...Will do it later today, looking forward to a weekend project that extrudes clay!!! Thanks everyone for the inspiring tool help! I think I'll do a vertical slab roller as I have a small studio... 8'x14'....
  2. Ooooooooooooo state government surplus....you just made my month! I love surplus! I am going to check out the potterbarter when my kids are napping...thanks so much everyone!I saw a rolling pin slab roller with guides built in and one that had different levels of wood wedges to use instead...but oh the effort and free space needed... I would love to figure out how to search Craig's list regionally instead of just my small area, didn't know that was possible... I really want a handle extruder, I'm bored with pulled handles for all the mugs I am making and I can make my own custom inserts...I just don't have time to make a whole extruder.
  3. I have searched everywhere for used extruders, slab rollers, old clay, mixers, basically old equipment....I'm coming up empty. Is there a magical locale where all the pro's and profs post their stuff? I have searched Craig's and only find kilns and wheels...both I have and scored on Craig's...I've tried bribing my old art department with baked goods to part ways with their unused old wares but to no avail-all on diets I bet...does it all go to the dump or what??? Ebay has nothing! I need an extruder now!I can't afford a 200$ plus gadget...any suggestions? Anybody know of a little niche of artists in Orange county,ca where I can get some input...I feel like a baby in ceramics...yet I swear I went to college for this kind of thing about 10 years ago.
  4. I just started up my studio right after my youngest turned three months,my older son is 2&1/2...on the days when nap times happen and happen together I spend it with my monitors in the studio, I get another two hours in after bedtime. But it's totally unpredictable, I get maybe 15 hours a week at the best...and-only because my husband watches the kids between nursing and diapers and naps... my studio has been live for two months now...still need to hook up my sink, build shelves...but when you're inspired, you make the time. For a first timer, you may be lucky to get sleep so save studio time for those moments when others can watch the baby. I agree with previous posters about the dust, glazes and basic lifting. If you are under 7 months,I'd say most everything is ok otherwise...but after, you need to be in motion more...not so much sitting or standing still...blood will settle and you may get light headed...I have had that with both pregnancies...rest up the last few months, they're the end of your life as you know it...
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