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  1. Hello, I have a video I've made, a short feature about 5 minutes long, that I want to share with a greater clay community. I think it could be enjoyed by ceramic artists of all abilities and locale. The video itself is a montage of clips following me as I process some clay from the front yard of my childhood home in Marin County, Ca. It all started when I came home one weekend from college and my parents told me that we had a leaky water main. I guess I some how, unexplainable to me, offered to be the one to fix it. The next thing I knew I was knee deep in sludge trying to get a hold on a pin-holed piece of copper that may as well have been the equivalent to Hercules' hydra. Once that struggle was over, the water main was fixed and I started to clean up. Realizing then that the sludge was actually clay. I took some to my studio in Santa Cruz, Ca and started messing around with it. It was a dream to throw with. So with this now knowledge, I planned on taking a methodical approach to filming the steps of the process from harvesting to throwing. This video is my illustration of that process, not so much a step by step walk through. I hope you enjoy it
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