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  1. Ok thanks a lot! Ill check them out and let you guys know what clay I decide to get
  2. Ok thanks! Im pretty set on potters choice just because i love how the glazes look. The closest pottery supply store near me would be ceramic supply in Lodi NJ. I mainly throw on the wheel so i think the clay should have some grog in it.
  3. Im located in central NJ.the closest one i believe is the ceramic supply store in Lodi. Te ceramic store in Philly seem to have the cheapest prices on just about everything.
  4. Hey guys what ceramic supply websites do you prefer? Which have the most reasonable prices and what were your experiences with them?
  5. What are good websites to order ceramic supplies from? Which tend to have cheaper prices?

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      I go through clay-king.com, because their shipping prices are the lowest. Glaze is spendy to ship, because it's really heavy.

    2. RolandR


      thanks ill check it out

  6. I actually do go back to my school and do the demo for the pottery wheel. Its fun going back to visit and i love teaching others about ceramics.
  7. Thank you all it helps a lot. I believe i have 50lbs of porcelain around somewhere I would have to check what cone it is and see if i can use potters choice. I will start looking at some low fire glazes now for the low fire clay. if i was using a high fire clay and cone5-6 glaze would i still bisque at 04?
  8. I just graduated from high school where my teacher would do everything with the kiln. I just got a kiln and am going to start firing my own things. It is a cress cone sitter. I have a bunch of low fire clays around but i plan on getting some potters choice glazes. will the cone 5-6 glaze would work with the low fire clays? what clays would be good for throwing and firing with the potters choice? can i bisque high fire clays at around 04? Im a bit new to firing my own pieces so sorry about all the questions.
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